I had the pleasure of brunching with my pal Mariella a few days back at Herm's Inn in Logan. It's a brand new place (only two weeks old!) and I will definitely be going back for some Eggs Benedict and fresh OJ, very soon.

JSYK, this day reminded me of how madly in love I am with Logan. It is such a great place and I am so glad that I live here. It's everything I need right now. Also, eating out is one of my favorite things to do and I wish I could do it more often. Alas, my funds must be given to sadistic vampires in exchange for a piece of paper. JK. I'm not THAT pessimistic.


Brissa said...

i like these pictures. and brunch. and how much you love your life.

katrina said...

Anna. Can hazel and I meet you there for brunch one day? I love brunch and you.

Kelli Anderson said...