Do you know who's getting married on Friday? THIS CHICK RIGHT UP HERE, HEIDI LYNNE!

We had a pretty fantastical bachelorette party to celebrate her last days as a single woman. We spent the night eating heavenly sushi at Ichiban in SLC (and making Heidi play the question game--she successfully chewed 19 pieces of Bazooka gum at once) followed by some adventurous karaoke at a local bar. And never fear--the red drinks were free of alchohol. A lovely bartender gave us a few virgin drinks because it was "obvious we weren't drinking." Us Mormons sure do get treated like royalty nowadays, right?

It was a stupendous and memorable night and I'm so excited for our dearest Heidi Lynne to get hitched. I love her. Who doesn't, really?


Brissa said...

your friends always have the best bachlorette parties. always. kewl.
yay love!

Kelli Anderson said...

ahhh your photos are amazing. i love these. they are hilarious and so fun.