It snowed quite a bit last week, which has been so rare in Logan this year. So rare, that I keep thinking that I'm living in Malibu! But the snow came and reminded me, as it always does, how ridiculously beautiful it is--the mountains in Sardine Canyon proving to have some of the most beautiful scenes. Sardine is the best/worst thing about Logan. It is so beautiful, and is often so terrifying to drive through. Also, nature diptychs are the best thing in the world to me lately.



Kelli Anderson said...

these are sooooooo amazing.

Ashley Benjamin said...

Beautiful photos. Sardine canyon really is so pretty. And I laughed out loud at the Malibu comment! You're hilarious.

katrina said...

Yessss! You switched to mobile. You just made my life so much easier since I check your blog a million times a day haha