My dearest friends and lovers, I have a few things to address:

First off, I really loved having so much feedback from you guys on the last couple of posts. It was awesome to get a good discussion going on with you guys, because I love hearing what you guys have to say. So I want to keep that up.

I'm testing out a new website. Check it out: RIGHT HERE. What do you think? Also, is it time to shed the blogspot skin? Should I spread my wings and get my own domain? Is it worth it?

I'm singing a song in my choir concert tomorrow and I am royally nervous. It's probably one of the most difficult songs I've ever sung and it's in front of 1200+ people. Any advice on how I could not have a panic attack?

I posted on my dear friend Catherine's blog today (here) and it's somewhat about love. Does me talking about love make you feel uncomfortable? How much about your love life would you share on a blog or a public space?

And a heated topic: what do you guys think about the prop 8 repeal? What do you fellow Mo-mos think?


grace.holloway said...

Anna! I am in the womens' choir so I got to hear you at rehearsal tonight. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. Oh my gosh, you are seriously amazing. You will do awesome!

Kelli Anderson said...

you did amazing. i just signed up for one of my own website things. also i recommend the $10 shedding of the blogspot skin. its so worth it. you feel so official. you did amazing last night. i can't wait to read your guest post. i haven't looked into the prop 8 repeal but i am anti same sex marriage yet i know it will probably be legalized eventually. run-on sentences are my thing right now. i am in a hurry but have time for commenting on your blog.