slumber party


A few friends and I made the trek to Provo for Velour's 3rd Annual Slumber party last Saturday. On the schedule was Gils, The Moth and The Flame and Book on Tape Worm, which I had all heard of before, but I'd never seen live. Fortunately for me, they were all absolutely fantastic.

Gils, the first band, had some interesting and different songs that I loved. They had great harmonies and lovely songs, of which you can listen to one of them right here. And I'm telling you, there's just something about guy/girl harmonies that makes me really, really happy.

The Moth and The Flame are like a fusion of Radiohead and Beck which automatically spells groovy stuff. Their sound was different than most stuff I've been hearing lately and it was refreshing to see a band with innovative stuff and humble attitudes. I also love their album art. Like a lot. And I kind of fell in love with the frontman, too. But we'll just keep that on the DL.

Book on Tape Worm are absolute magic. Their songs are so well-crafted and filled with emotion that you couldn't help but be enthralled. A cello, beautiful harmonies, and delicate progressions made for some of the most pleasing music to my ears. And their lyrics. THEIR LYRICS. I'm not a big lyrics person at all and I rarely ever pay attention to them, but these lyrics were just so beautiful and poetic that you couldn't listen and not get emotional. I teared up a few times during their set because of how great they were.

What I loved most about the show was the atmosphere. It certainly lived up to the title "Slumber Party" with the entire audience sitting on blankets and snuggled up together. And the set was the best. Just the best. How can you not be happy as a clam when the moon is smiling smugly at you?

Overall and obviously, this was an incredible show with so many elements that made it a night to remember. Happy 6th Birthday, Velour!


kylee said...

ahhhh the moth and the flame?!! dreamy times ten! i hate that i had no idea about this. i vote we make an event out of the next one.

Scene Sister said...

Love this post, Anna! I'm sharing it on Velour's wall, k?

Anna said...

Go right ahead!