Some dorkster photos from the first day of school in my retro-grime kitchen on the first day of spring semester. Retro-grime makes it sound like the dirty dishes and plastic bags shut in the cabinet doors are totally on purpose. *Snaps for combat boots and prepster sweaters*

I feel like I've been posting a lot about school lately, which I don't particularly like because I think it dates me and/or makes my content exclusive to people in my situation. And I don't want to just be talking to students. Because frankly, we're all a bunch of free-thinking, starry-eyed liberal bozos with over-ambitious ideas about solving the world's problems. "So take your overly-hopeful and grossly unrealistic ideas and SHUT UP." (Direct quote from political science teacher. Man, I love that guy.)  Maybe I'm thinking too much about it, but regardless, the thought has definitely crossed my mind. So here are a few thoughts that have been on my mind recently that will hopefully break me out of that? Does it need to be broken out of? Am I trying too hard right now? (Don't answer that.)

I'm researching a few things for an upcoming zine, one of them being SAD, or seasonal depression, or the-crappy-winter-blues-when-the-sun-never-comes-out-and-you-just-want-to-lie-in-bed-and-watch-trashy-TV-while-eating-old-Christmas-candy-and-rot-because-of-how-depleated-you-are-of-vitamin-D period of time. If you can't tell from that hyphenated modifier, this surely durely effects me and seems to be a little more difficult this year than others. Is it my own fault because I'm choosing to live in a tundra with pretty bad air quality that makes it pretty undesirable to go outside? Does this happen to you guys? What do you do to combat it? HOW DO YOU DEAL?

Also, find your opinions about Hipsters. And tell them to me. Especially those of you that don't live and go to school where I do. What is the hipster scene like where you are? Are they taking over the world? Is denying that you're a hipster a defining trait of being a hipster? I wanna know!

And one last one...I've seen bits and pieces of these shows, but I've never consistently followed any season of The Bachelor or Bachelorette until this season. And I'm kind of suprised that the show hasn't gotten more heat, you know, for being what it is. I mean, it's kind of a ridiculous idea and it is pretty degrading to the idea of commitment to one person, along with a myriad of other things (for instance, I'm pretty sure these girls get picked before even knowing who the bachelor would be, so how are all of these women automatically swooning over Ben? I don't understand that. What if you were on The Bachelor and then you met the guy and you just didn't click even though he thought you did? Do you have to like him automatically just because you're put in that situation? Are you contractually obliged to like him even though his hair makes him look like he's part of Hanson? That's where I mildy, key word: MILDLY, understand Bentley from last season for leaving early because he didn't like that chick because he liked that other chick from the other season of the bachelor more and thought she would be the new chick instead of this other chick that he got stuck with. See how much I know? I'm a freaking connoisseur of Bachelor history.) ANYWAYS, even if it's fake or scripted, if this guy is sincerely falling in love with this many women, what does that say about how important commitment and *gasp* monogamy is to our generation? Because nobody seems to find that as a problem. It's totally fine for some dingbat to mack on 25 different girls, didn't you know? How have I missed this? HOW AM I MISSING OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY TO GETAWAY WITH SO MUCH KISSING FROM SO MANY PEOPLE? (Read: joke). Not that I would be, but if I was ever in a situation similar to that, I don't know if I could genuinely fall in love with someone if I knew he would be kissing and potentially falling in love with someone else two hours later.  It just HURTS MY FEELINGS, you know? It's like, "Oh Kacie B! I just feel for you and how jelly you're getting because Ben didn't take you on a one on one this week, but still likes you, but likes alllll these other girls too and I just want you and Ben to runaway together right now and not even bother with this dumb reality show because we all know Emily's too smart, Courtney's a beast, Blakely's scary, and Lindzi is a terrrrible kisser!!! Just DROP the show, IT'S NOT EVEN WORTH YOUR TIME, and just twirl your baton while you bum ski and drink your weight in wine with Ben in San Fran and just be in love! You don't need this show, ya hear me? TRUE LOVE DON'T NEED NO TV SHOW!"

I've been sucked in. And I can't turn back.

You read this entire post? 4 GOLD STARS FOR YOU GLEN COCO! YOU GO GLEN COCO!


Lauren said...

Love the Mean Girls reference.


Brissa said...

you bet i read the whole thing.
1. your teacher sounds cool. i wish we had cool teachers like that in provo...
2. SAD suxx. i guess i've never experienced a logan winter but i still just want to watch trash tv and eat candy until i die.
3. hipsters are taking overrrr. they're all over campus and this valley. denying you're a hipster is definitely a trait. except, i've been called a hipster and i really don't think i am one. i don't think i'm hip enough to be hipster. #fml.
4. i can't believe i haven't kept up with the bachelor. i loved him on ashley's season. i was rooting for him to be the next bachelor and then i left him. i NEED TO WATCH.
5. ur kewl.

kylee said...

can i tell you something about the hipster thing? sometimes people call me one and i sort of hate it. i am no hipster. i am me. i listen to what i listen to because i like it. i wear what i wear because i like it. i take pictures because i like it. i go to concerts because i like it. i will always listen to, wear, eat, do and read what i want because i like it. not because every other no shoe wearing person does too. okay that no shoe wearing thing was over the top, i take it back. i just hate labels. always have, always will. i hate that being "hipster" or "indie" has become the cool thing to do these days. everyone should just be who they are. okay hipster rant over.

Ayley said...

i wish you could like shopping at urban and loving vinyl and taking pitchers and wearing beanies and not be called a hipster.

not that i ever do.

SAD sucks.
depression in general sux.
taking medication for it sucks.
after being in and out of different kinds of doctor's offices, i realized (for me) i just have to work that much harder at creating happiness. spending time alone but doing wonderful things. like going to the library and riding my bike even if it's 12 degrees outside and doing my makeup even if i'm going nowhere and creating something EVERY DAY.
that au naturaleeee happiness is way more rewarding.

you're cool.
you're a good writer.

i do not watch the bachelor/ette. it grosses me out. i like the idea of not kissing just anybody or kissing someone being a gold star on your permanent record... like it's an achievement. kisses are special. old fashioned, i know. but srsly.

katrina said...

anytime i hear the word hipster i want to punch something.

i love the bachelor. every little creepy thing about it. no one can wipe that stupid grin off my face while i watch it. doesnt matter what season it is or if i like or hate the people on it... the whole premise of the show makes me squirm and i LOVe it.

you look hot in your retro-grime kitchen. i like these photos.

Anna said...

KATRINA I want you to expand on your hipster feelings. What don't you like? What are they even? I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY ARE?

katrina said...

anna quite honestly i dont know what a hipster is either. i think is changes haha all i know is the word is tossed around too much and people she be able to like, listen to and feel however they want without a label slapped across their forehead.

katrina said...

and people SHOULD.

also that comment took me way too long to write. i seriously thought about it for twenty minutes, wrote up like five paragraphs and realized it was all nonsense. if anything im just more confused about hipsters and labeling then i was before. shame on you for making me think anna! i hate to think at night. ill be up all night now. hah

L J said...

Expressing your opinions and views in a safe environment is therapeutic.

I like Michael Lyons and I don't even know him.

SAD is a real thing. Take Vitamin D supplements. Ya know what? Go outside for hells sakes. Try skiing or snowboarding or tubing or snowball fighting, or sledding or making snow angles or angels, go snow shoeing. Open the windows, let the sunshine in! Exercise! Eat healthy. Think of the cold as SO refreshing, and welcome it. I love Johnny, but the indoors are not that great. Talk about it. I'll listen.

Hipsters schmipster. I don't see the big idea. Its trendy and it'll all go away eventually and we'll look back at how funny were. No need to get our panties all tied up.

K the Bachelor/Bachelorette. It's the most fricking weird idea ever. And it's pretty addicting because it's so frickin weird. It's like watching a guy riding a unicycle. Or watching your dog eat its vomit. Its so weird and gross but you just can't look away.

Kelli Anderson said...

anna, when you said frankly IT HURTS MY FEELINGS. i feel the same way. monogamy IS important. that's why we're mormon and believe that it is important to choose just one person to commit to. not that mormons are the only people who believe that but you get what i'm saying.

Anna said...
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Anna said...

Lindsey, that comment is embarrassing on many levels. I hope you realize that. It's still okay.

And Kelli, lately, it kind of is just a Mormon thing. And it really does make me sad that some of these girls on shows like the Bachelor are just fine with the fact that the man that they're wanting to spend the rest of their contracts with is feeling the same thing with another girl. I just couldn't do it.

But I think that's where personal beliefs will come into play, and it truly just is someone's preference if they sleep with their spouse and no one else, or if they sleep with 20 people before they get to their spouse. People can argue about that all the time, but it just boils down to your own choices and your own beliefs which people will battle about until the world ends, but unless you implement them, they mean nothing.

And just to insert some political poop here, in the 2008 presidential elections in the Republican party when Mitt Romney was running, TIME wrote an article about Mormonism and what it had to do with him. One of the biggest critiques that people had against the LDS church was polygamy, but ironically, Mitt Romney was the only person of all the contenders that was running for the republican nominee that had had one spouse, and just the one spouse. Man. It was like, SUCK IT WORLD! MORMONS FREAKIN' ROCK.

AND GUYS--I'm not meaning to stir up ill feelings about hipsters or whatever they supposedly are. I'm writing it in a style of what they are, really, and what it entails because it is a whole lifestyle. And most importantly, how it will be looked at in the future when we look back on it--similar to something like hippies, or hair bands or even emo kids. I think hipsters are cool! It's a way of telling how some people are/were in our generation. I think it's neat.

katrina said...

lindsey- watching a guy ride a unicycle. hilar. I love you.

Lauren said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with the label hipster. It's just a way of identifying a group of people with similar tastes style. It's kind of weird actually how people hate being labeled hipster.

i say embrace hipsterness (if you are one..)!

memory said...

serious post. but i just have to say that if i was in college, i would so totally want your professor as mine. that is all.


Anna said...

Well, after re-reading my last comment, it doesn't really make sense and is quite disorganized. But that's okay. Ya'll understand what I was saying...I think.

Levi and Allison said...

I get a little SAD, too. That's why I take a TON of vitamin D. Like 3 or 4 a day. It's helped a lot. And then I try and go on walks on sunny days. MONOGAMY FTW (I used to think FTW meant Effs the world...I feel like I can still use it in the same context though). I love stupid, mindless, empty TV shows. If anything, they make me feel like my life actually means something. I love drama.