Fossil Fish in the Bonneville Salt Flats

GUYS. Isn't this just so neat? Want to know what's even neater? MY REAL LIFE PAL ALI MALAN MADE THIS!

Ali and her pal, Auddie, trekked to the Salt Flats, traced their shadows and filled them with coffee grinders (I think? Al, correct me if I'm wrong), and made this gigantic fish that digested a whole bunch of dancing people. I just can't get over how cool this is. Here's to hoping for more land art from Miss Malan!


Monica H. said...

THIS IS SO NEAT. oh my goodness. never cease to amaze me.

Levi and Allison said...

Ali would come up with something like this. So cool!

Kelli Anderson said...

i haven't been getting your updates. i hate blogger. i love your blog.