Random photos, yes, but here are a few shots of some men who I dearly love who happen to have excellent facial hair, too.

[Joe, Brett, Skyler and Ian.]  


Mike & Megan

A few shots from Mike & Megan's engagement shoot shot on a lovely fall day in October. These two were a blast to shoot--always goofing around and doing whatever they could do to make the other laugh. Adorbz.

Congratulations Mike & Megan!


Double A

A preview of a great engagement session that happened a few weeks ago. These two people are Andy and Annie and boy, are they some awesome human beings. Stay tuned.



A quick shoot with my dear friend Katie Steed. I absolutely adore this girl and she is one of those people that makes you grateful to be alive, just so you can know her. She's really that great.

Okay, time to sign off before I embarrass myself too much.


Starry Night: A Night of Christmas Music

This is a friendly announcement to you, dear blog people. A few friends and I are playing a show of wonderful Christmas songs on December 8th at the Tippets Balcony at USU. If you happen to be in the Logan area that day, I'd love to see you there!

Also, my dear friend Tyler Andrews designed this poster. And I love it so much.

That is all.


a ________ is in order

Before this becomes another discarded draft...

You, dear reader,  have been very nice to me. I have withdrawn myself for the most part from this blog. There are a few reasons why, some being that I have found myself frightened of what sharing my thoughts and feelings online could do to my future self's self-confidence (although I cherish the things that I post on here more than most things because it is a clear documentation of pieces and parts of my life) and also that I have felt a bit lack-luster about the things I have been producing in my life, whether that be photography or words or any other manner of foolish and trivial things that I put on here.

I think my overwhelming feeling, though, has been that I don't know what to say.

And it's not because nothing is happening. If anything, the lack of posting could be blamed on the fact that so much is happening. They aren't necessarily tangible, documentable things, though.

I turned twenty-two at the beginning of the month. That day helped me to reflect on the good things in my life and that  I am very fortunate to be doing all the things that I'm doing. I am going to school studying things that challenge me, but excite me, I'm photographing work that feels good and is sharpening my skills, I'm spending time with good friends who enrich my life and make me a better person.

Things are good. Things are happy.

So that's it. I'm confused. I'm elated. I'm melancholy. I'm thrilled. I'm hopeless. I'm optimistic. I'm stressed. But all that leads to this, my greatest conclusion: I am happy.

I'll tell you more about it soon.




Behold, I give you Elizabeth--smokin' hot singer in a black leather jacket.


m & m

I got to spend some quality time with these two wonderful human beings on Sunday while shooting some engagements. Stay tuned for more.


gardener's market

A few snap shots from the last Gardener's Market of the season here in Logan a few weekends ago.

Fall foods are delightful. I purchased a fair share of tomatoes, zucchinis, some local honey, apples and even some lavender lemon pepper (can't wait to use it with some fish).


pumpkins and dummykins

Here we have a few simple photos of a few people that I really, really love.
This is the best time of the year. I'm sure of it.



A few simple bridals of the lovely Kirstin that we shot at the capital in SLC--she was such a lovely and carefree bride and a real swell gal in general.

Congratulations Kirstin!


Jordan & Anna

A few shots from a lovely wedding at the Bountiful Temple in July. Jordan and Anna were a pleasure to work with and made my job easy. And I love Anna's dress--it was her mom's. Pretty neat, huh?

Congratulations Jordan & Anna! Thanks for letting me be a part of your day!



A few weekends back, some friends and I concluded the summer and hailed in the Fall season on the precise day of the September Equinox with a camping excursion. It was fun, cold at times, mostly relaxing and pretty enjoyable. A good way to wrap up the season of summer, if I say so myself. More photos of the shindig to come soon.

I didn't do a whole lot of "things" over the summer--I mostly worked and lackadaisical-ly played. But I learned a lot about work-ethic, about passions, about friendship, about dreams, and about love.

And now, for my brain to remember and for you to read I suppose, a list of notable things:


- found out that I am going to be an aunt!!!
- pondered the eternities at the St. George temple with Jace
- ate strawberry and spinach salads
- read The Alchemist, The Fault in Our Stars, Outliers, and Mistborn  
- learned about the temple and all that it signifies
- cooked from a French cookbook
- fell in love with cinema, namely, the Fall
- miraculously got tan (for me, at least)
- lived with the wonderful and so very special Caitlin Caldwell
- cried over Fields of Gold
- barista-d
- imagined witnessing a supernova while listening to m83
- the design in the stars is the same in our hearts
- ate a cupcake while figuring out some things
- played sand volleyball
- drank sangria and sprite
- missed Lindsey like always
- sang songs about love letters and relationships and scarfaces
- almost died from laugh-induced stomach cramps listening to Blood Brothers
- attended and shot a lot of weddings (and loved it!)
- learned to love Yoga
- watched so much Adventure Time
- cut six inches of my hair off then melted it
- vagabonded/was homeless for two weeks
- got in fights and then got over it
- RubySnap
- slept in a hammock on a cliffside
- felt the true and very real power of the Priesthood
- had nightmares
- went rock climbing for the first time
- friends returned from missions
- rode a mint green road bike around town
- ate and looooved a lot of sushi
- missed David hard-core
- religiously listened to so many podcasts.
- jumped into rivers and oggled the lights in the mountains
- loved someone


jared & kirstin

These two lovely souls got married today at Snowbasin in Hunstville, Utah surrounded by beautiful mountains painted in gorgeous autumn shades. It was a happy day.

Congratulations Jared & Kirstin!