sin city

I went to Vegas the other day. I don't like Vegas. In fact, I pretty much hate it. It's full of sin and not much else. Granted, I spent the majority of the time sick in a hotel bed, but I never really liked it anyway. And really, for a Mormon, 80% of the cities events are pointless. WHATEVEZ.

BUT I DO HAVE TO SAY: the best part entirely was that we went to Cirque De Soleil's "O" and it was absolutely incredible. INCREDIBLE.  For all the talk I'd heard about Cirque De Soleil in general, my expectations were pretty high and they still went above and beyond them. Also, the music is live. Wait, what? I know. It's insane. It was the water show and they had a 25 feet deep pool on stage. ON STAGE. I can't even describe half of the stuff because it was so cool. It was pricey, but it was well worth it. It did help that we had seats on the 5th row, too. Basically, it's good that Vegas has Cirque De Soleil. It does them good. And I highly recommend it. Go to this show. 

Okay, bye.



Some friendly portraits. I really like these photos and how they turned out. Props to Lindsey, Heidi and Kelli for being my babelishious subjects.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, friends. I love you all!

Josie Portillo

Some Christmas-y illustrations by Josie Portillo for your Christmas day. To see more, go here.


c is for cookie

Sometimes it takes a little bit of typical Christmas activity to get you more in the mood for Christmas. I wouldn't normally make this a black and white, but for some reason I feel it makes it much more romantic and homey which will satisfy my mood as of late.

Merry Christmas Eve!



Scenes from today. Breaks are so great. So so so so so great. 

study of leaves

A fall post 4 days before Christmas. It's fine. Don't worry about it.


A Very Velour Christmas

I had the great pleasure of attending the Velour Christmas show this year. It's the second time they've done it and it was marvelous. With 20+ local artists performing a smorgasbord of Christmas tunes, it was sure to be a good time no matter what. And it's at Velour, which you should know by now that it's the greatest place on earth, so it was inevitably great. We got see some great stuff from some of my favorites around these parts like Spencer and Isaac Russell, Pat Boyers of Gypsy Cab, Stuart Maxfield from Fictionist, Ryan Innes and some new favorites like Night Night, Dustin Christensen, Hue and Hum, Gills, and many more! It was a great night and I'm looking forward to more seeing more shows from some of these new favorites of mine.

It was a wonderful and magical night followed by a Provo burger from Sammy's...I think I'm starting to love Provo more and more....wait, what?


All-star Christmas

This is what happened Saturday night at Velour. It was freaky-deeky awesome. More photos to come!


moon games

To keep up with the trend, here are some incredible moon pictures from the series "Moon Games." You may have seen them before from little Ayley, but they're just too good not to share. Enjoy. All by Laurent Laveder. To see more incredible pictures of the moon and a myriad of other awesome things, check out this site: The World At Night.


C + C

From today's wedding. These two are awesome. Absolutely awesome. Congratulations Colton and Caitlin!



I've been infatuated with the moon recently. I can't get over it. And last night, I almost crashed our car after Lindsey pointed this moon out. So big. So incredible. So mesmerizing. Click on the picture to see it larger. It's so much better. OH PS: Just so you know, I didn't edit this. Any of it. Just some good old fashioned, jaw-dropping neature.


rgb tree

Our apartment missed the boat on Christmas decorations, which kind of always happens when you're in an apartment away from your parents' house. If you wait to decorate post-Thanksgiving, there are only three weeks left until school is done. So, our apartment was sans-cheer and I was REAL UPSET ABOUT IT. So today, in a fit of boredom/disctraction/procrastination/wanting to be cheerful, I made a zillion paper chains and pulled out every string of lights we had and threw them everywhere. Organized clutter. Arranged chaos. That's how I do it. And since we don't have a tree, I light-painted one. Coo, yeah? Coo.


The Monster Engine

"What children's drawings would look like if it were painted realistically.", illustrated by Dave Devries.
This is one of the best things I've seen in a really, really long time.