no mas

I'm sick of this 100 post thing. The quality of my blog has significantly gone down and I'm embarrassed by it. SO I'M NOT GONNA DO IT NO MO. Consider me a quitter, but I'm a quitter for quality. In the mean time, enjoy a picture of myself that I really do enjoy although the text of this post is exactly why I'm not doing the 100 thing. I'll post when I post. If 100 happens, so be it. Until then, I'm taking a blog breather (which in all reality means I'll be posting tomorrow).

Jemima Ann

This is my alter ego, Jemima Ann. She's making her debut to the relatively real world of college for a school project. Any guesses as to what her profession is?


sleeping death

"One taste of the Poisoned Apple, and the victim's eyes will close forever in the Sleeping Death."



A winter portrait.

miesh photography pt. 2

Part two of miesh photography. So much goodness.

To see part one, click here. To see more of her work, click here.



Some family photos from the fall. What a good looking group of people. I like these guys. A lot.



Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I'll write more about this great day once I've digested which might be in 48 hours. Chao!



Our Polaroids are finally displayed in their rightful way. Our apartment is kind of a trip into the 70s and these definitely added to the allure of the place. Maybe I'll show some pictures of the flat when we finally hang some art and get the place all gussied up, hmm?


a poison apple

Imitation film. It's time for me to get a real film camera, eh? Any suggestions?


miesh photography pt. 1

I've been loving on Utah photographers lately and maybe a little too much, but there are just so many good ones out there makin' delicious whoopie-pie pictures.

This is miesh photography, and this woman, Michelle Frampton, is the master of the square formating, color scheming, film texturing, and compositioning. Everything about her photos are pleasing to my eyes, and now yours as well. Since she is just so darn good, I'm going to do two posts. So stay tuned for next week's sundee stuffs! But for now, look, and enjoy.

To see more, go to her site.


a is for apples

Another picture of these apples. They really are so beautiful. And I had to take some Snow White pictures of course, so, look for those soon. And after humming and stroking the apple for a while before taking a bite, the stem came out on the letter "A". A for.....Adam? Arnold? Arthur? Allen? Alex? Alfred? Andrew? Abraham? Alfonzo? Alfonzo it is.


kinder joy

I ate one of these today. Bueno Bars were a delicacy in Ecuador, and when Paige got me one of these after a vacay to Europe, I squealed. When my pal Bryan brought nine of these to our apartment? Premature diabetic shock. Kinder chocolate is THA BEST. Hands down.


your beautiful eyes

A different kind of sundee stuffs, but it's nothing short of a supernova, right? I had a huge eye kick when I was in high school, just like every other wanna be scene kid. They were, and still are one of the most incredible pieces of the human anatomy in my opinion and these photos completely prove my point. 

See more here.


side by side

And the last round of photos from our trip to Lagoon.

Fall is coming to a close and winter is setting in. The time for dance parties/cutting-corners-on-the-heating-bill has come and I think I'm prepared. Hopefully, this winter pushes my artistic self to a whole notha limit. I'm going to try, at least.

Am I losing you people in my smorgasbord of posts? Too many? Too soon? Is this 100 thing really worth it? TELL ME.