tea time

A few friends and I had a tea party for a school project and it just so turned out that our set up was much more radical than we could've ever expected. My friend Drew got most of the get up from his deceased uncle...I'm telling you, estate sales are better than any thrift store you'll find. More photos to come of the whole shabang. Enjoy!

mad hatter

Happy Halloween, all! It's the best time of the year and it's leading to fun stuff non stop! Here's a preview of some upcoming photos to show you from a recent shoot. Enjoy!


tree trunk

Today's sundee stuffs is some carvings from a tree. Kinda cool, right? Right.



Some Halloween lips for you on this Halloween weekend. I've got so many good things to post in the next little while. Stay tuned.


Adams Canyon

We had fall break last week.It was only a day off from school, but it was wonderful. Sista, Ma, Mags and I all went up to Adams Canyon for a little hike one day, and it was fantastic. It was absolutely beautiful and so full of fall-ness. I fear it is going to come to a close soon, and I sure hope not, but we best be making the most of this supreme weather in the next few days. 


Just so you know...MX

I've been listening to Mylo Xyloto nonstop. I am a Coldplay lover through and through. I've been incessantly listening to Paradise ever since it was released a few weeks ago and it's wonderful to have the whole album to accompany it. Few things inspire me in so many ways as good music like this. The album art, the music videos, and the music itself. Great stuff, I tell ya. Charlie Brown, Up in Flames, and Princess of China are some of my favorites so far...listen! And love!

masquerade pt. 2

Very similar, but ENTIRELY DIFFERENT.

Masquerade pt. 2. GUYS. Who's who? WHO'S WHO?! We went a little berserk in the Halloween store, to say the least. Sometimes you just can't resist it.

I've got some pretty incredibly costume ideas for upcoming parties so keep your eyes peeled. I might not top Trunchbull (let's face it--that was just too incredible for most people to handle), but they'll be pretty good. Stay tuned!


Lissy Elle

I couldn't not post some creepy photographs right before Halloween? Who do you think I am? Not Anna?

I've always loved Lissy Elle's photos and style and the way she executes things. She's an expert photoshopper, and in the most natural way. Great concepts and great compositions always make for great pieces. And, again, something about those square formats just does it for me. Am I right or amiright?

All by Lissy Elle.



A portrait for your eyes to behold. I love Halloween so much and I'm pretty sure it loves me.



I finally caved--I joined Pinterest!

I was intentionally putting it off because I feared I would get addicted to it, but I couldn't resist it any longer. I use my tumblr as my main inspiration board, so I don't know how this will be much overlapping or working, but we'll see. BUT FOR NOW--take a look at my boards! They are a work in progress with my travel one with much more attention...heh. I got a little crazy and started looking up all the places that I've traveled to and posted pictures, so, most on there are places I've been (just have to toot my own horn, alright).

But now I've been thinking more and more about travel...I want to start working towards a really great trip of some sort in the near future. Where should I go? What have been the coolest places that you guys have been to? What's cool in the states that I need to see? What about abroad? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT.

Follow me here. 

eaten lately

Things I ate the other day: Yakult (delicious Asian elixer), everything bagel with white cheddar cheese, a fried egg and salsa, and some Nutella from off my finger. It was delicious.


giffy pooo

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A Halloween-y gif with a nice contrast of sista and I for your viewing pleasure. Little fact for you--ever since I dyed my hair, no one believes that we're sisters. No one. We've had to find various methods of proving it. It's ironic because when I had red hair, I told people we were twins, and some believed it. Just goes to show that people group redheads all together purely because of our hair color. LEARN TO SEE THE INDIVIDUAL, NOT THE COLOR OF HAIR. REDHEADS ARE PEOPLE TOO, GUYS.



These is them! I still have a few shots left that will definitely be used well, no worries. Most photos were taken on this day whilst exploring. Tell me that windbreaker that I'm wearing isn't the coolest thing you've ever seen. I KNOW, RIGHT?



My blog has stages. A concert blog, an art blog, a photography blog, a personal blog, a work blog, a place where you find inner peace blog (a-doo-hoo), and now it's having its food blog stage. Well, a food/photography blog. I can't cook. I can make a mean sandwich, but I still can't cook. BUT. I can take pictures of what people make for me. That's worth something, right? We made crepes the other day. I've told you before, but I'll tell you again: crepes are of a divine nature. I feel celestial whilst eating them. I'm not kidding. Go eat some. You'll thank me later.