My new photo series: photogs of me being tired on campus! Totes rad, right?

In all actuality school has been kicking my butt, but in the best way possible. My posts haven't been down that much, but it has been lacking. And full of posts about...hair dye and fish eye photos. I'm wanting to block out more time in my day to do some more photography and creative stuff...and we'll see how it all works out. But if things get a little more quiet than usual, know that I'm probably trapped in the library. Come bring me some chocolate cinnamon bears, if you get the chance.



Italian bread, pickles, tomatoes, cucumbers & turkey + whole wheat bread, ham,
turkey, swiss cheese & pesto.

The easiest things to make, and ridiculously delicious as well. Sandwiches are excellent.


on hair dye and why you should do it

Just in case you haven't seen me recently, here's what I look like at the present moment:

Exciting, huh?

This has been much more shocking to my friends than when I dyed my hair pink

It's been an adventure with this hair, and I keep forgetting that it is what it is, but I have to say that I have loved it. I'm convinced that changing things like this about your appearance make you more confident (especially when the majority of people around you sincerely don't like it) and more importantly make you figure out who you are. One of my fears has been that I let my appearance be too much a part of my identity. My hair is pretty reflective of my personality (bu-duh). And whenever an introduction is necessary, it was always, "Hi, I'm Anna James, I'm 20, and I have red, curly hair,"--all things that shouldn't really define who I am. Changing it up is making me work harder to be me even more. And I like it.

Am I getting deep about hair dye? Yes. You're welcome.


Some cool stuff to please your eyes. Somebody come do something like this with me. SLC pepper? Hmmm?

For more info about each piece, click here.




I'm not a big sports-watcher person. I'd rather play them. But it was the Homecoming game today, and we couldn't just NOT go, right? Especially when the odds of us winning were pretty high and we figured we could leave a little early because of our double-digit lead, right?  I mean, that just sounds like destiny, right? It IS homecoming weekend, RIGHT?

USU--34. CSU--35.


Totes whomps. 


paint dance

SO FUN. Minus the whole getting-the-primer-out-of-your-hair-and-potentially-ruining-your-freshly-cleaned-shower part. But it was worth it. SO WORTH IT.


muzack vid

Remember back when MTV was awesome? And played music all the time? Hard to remember, huh.

Sundee Stuffs is all about the music video today. I love music videos. A short art movie with music to go with. So great. Here are some recent good ones. Maybe I'll share some of my all time favorites later. Let me write in as many short sentences. As possible.


I tweet therefore I am

I finally did it. I finally caved and gave into the pressure of Journalism professors saying I was an idiot if I didn't. I tweet! Follow me @iamnamedanna (obviously mynameisanna was taken).



A gorgeous day on campus and ogling the members of the slackline club followed by a few attempts from yours truly. WHO KNEW THIS WAS SO HARD? Totes wish I could do it.



It wouldn't be right to pass this day without some acknowledgment. It's been a decade. A decade of learning, pain, unity, trials, and strength. I was young with this event happened, but as I've become older, and hopefully a little wiser, and as my view on this world develops, I cannot deny that 9.11 has hugely shaped my perspective and upbringings. It's when I started seeing the world a little more for what it is, what it's capable of, and what it can become.

Fallen, but never forgotten.


doggy fish

What's the point of a fisheye if you aren't taking pictures of some pups, right? Here's my pooch Maggie and her possibly lesbian friend Kenya. Look at those noses. Let's all take a moment to be grateful for the fact that we don't have snouts.