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FYI: I totes have the best roomies.

james & khyrie

A stunning couple with a lot of love with these two and their families. It was great to be a
part of this beautiful wedding. Look forward to some gorgeous bridals/groomals
coming up in the next little bit. Congratulations James & Khyrie!


'spretty cool

Scenes from the first day of school with my totes awes new lens attachment. More to come soon 'speshlee cuz I know you want it.



Cinemagraphs. The wonders of gifs, but a zillion times prettier. One day, I'll figure out how to make these. See more here.


farmers market

Scenes from a recent farmers market excursion. Food is pretty, I think, especially like carrots or radishes that have just been pulled from the ground. Maybe this will get me into gardening? (No.) I didn't buy any produce, but I did buy a life time supply of local honey which supposedly helps with allergies. We'll see how it all works out.

I've gotten a lot of love in the last little while, and I just thought I'd let you all know how much I love you! I know it's just a blog, and it's among one of the billion in the cyber-world, but it's good to know that there are some people out there that like what you're doing. I'm glad I've found a niche here. Ya'll are the best. Thanks for boosting my web-world confidence. It means a lot. I'm serious.



A quick preview of a wedding I did a little while back. Truly a beautiful bride, hmm?

bear lake

A few last random pictures from a really great day at Bear Lake. I have a good family. A really good family. You probably do too.


Advanced Style

Advanced Style. A street style photo blog of old ladies with crazy awesome clothing. I swore I'd never say crazy awesome seriously, but really, how else can you describe it?