hurdle for hope

Sista and I did the Hurdle for Hope race in Idaho to support the orphans in Ecuador. It was done through Dando Amor and the main guy is Travis Gugleman of Gugleman Photography. I met Travis the last two weeks before I left Ecuador where he and a bunch of other photographers had come down to document and donate to the orphans. I've had a ton of respect for him ever since I met him, and seeing this race and everything he's doing for the kids made me respect him that much more. He is 100% committed to helping these children and it is so incredible to see him dedicate so much of his life to this.

Lindsey and I were more than willing to come to this race to support him and his cause. We found out about a week before that it was an "Extreme" race...which we were a tad concerned about until we actually started running. It was so fun. I absolutely loved it. And I don't like running. SO THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING. Here are some of Travis's photos from the race!

It was definitely extreme! And I loved it! And we will be doing it next year for sure.


spinner 360

Me and the ARHS NYE Train at Tarago
Nebrodi 01
Outside DR
Spinner 360 en Chile!
luna park.
coney island.

Film from a spinner 360 camera. I want this camera. I NEED this camera.


Bucuz I know you like it.



Sista's face in the second shot is genuine shock because summer is flying by. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S ALMOST AUGUST? No. I still think it's April.




A quirky, pointless little series, but visually appealing to myself and I wanna post these photos so I'M GOING TO. There's a giant bookshelf in my bedroom with books (buDUH) and various accoutrements scattered throughout the shelf--a few things from me, a few from my sister. I noticed there were a lot of things that were the same item, but from different times of our lives/hoarding periods. There are a few where you can probably tell which things are mine (they correlate pretty accurately with our personalities). I thought it'd make a pretty series. So here you go. More to come later!


The Occidental Saloon

I've blogged about these guys before. They're awesome. You should know that by now. But if you don't, here are some of the latest and greatest from The Occidental Saloon.



Of course we went to the midnight premire. And of course we dressed up. Professor Trelawney, Sirius Black, and Bill Weasley.



A good sign of summer: my freckles are popping out. Sometimes I really don't like them, sometimes I do. Today is one of those good days.


fields of gold

Sista and I went to Rexburg this last weekend to run a race. It was fantastic. After we ran, we found a wheat field in Rexburg right across from the temple. It was unreal. This is what heaven looks like to me.



Sista and I took a lil' road trip this weekend. It was an adventure for sure. More photos to come!!!




A preview of a little series coming soon.


The Magic Bus Collective

The Magic Bus is a site of a plethora of images that make me insanely jealous. I want more adventure! I NEED more adventure! YOU DO TOO.