A Very Velour Christmas

I had the great pleasure of attending the Velour Christmas show this year. It's the second time they've done it and it was marvelous. With 20+ local artists performing a smorgasbord of Christmas tunes, it was sure to be a good time no matter what. And it's at Velour, which you should know by now that it's the greatest place on earth, so it was inevitably great. We got see some great stuff from some of my favorites around these parts like Spencer and Isaac Russell, Pat Boyers of Gypsy Cab, Stuart Maxfield from Fictionist, Ryan Innes and some new favorites like Night Night, Dustin Christensen, Hue and Hum, Gills, and many more! It was a great night and I'm looking forward to more seeing more shows from some of these new favorites of mine.

It was a wonderful and magical night followed by a Provo burger from Sammy's...I think I'm starting to love Provo more and more....wait, what?


Anonymous said...

Love the photos! Velour is a great place, for sure!

kylee said...

the fact that i have only been to the velour like twice is ridiculous. maybe i need to start making it a regular thing. and if going means i get to eat at sammy's afterwards then i'm definitely committed. i have been dying to try sammy's for far too long. cupcake shakes? yes please.

Brissa said...

you are so good at what you do.
so FRIKKIN good.