sin city

I went to Vegas the other day. I don't like Vegas. In fact, I pretty much hate it. It's full of sin and not much else. Granted, I spent the majority of the time sick in a hotel bed, but I never really liked it anyway. And really, for a Mormon, 80% of the cities events are pointless. WHATEVEZ.

BUT I DO HAVE TO SAY: the best part entirely was that we went to Cirque De Soleil's "O" and it was absolutely incredible. INCREDIBLE.  For all the talk I'd heard about Cirque De Soleil in general, my expectations were pretty high and they still went above and beyond them. Also, the music is live. Wait, what? I know. It's insane. It was the water show and they had a 25 feet deep pool on stage. ON STAGE. I can't even describe half of the stuff because it was so cool. It was pricey, but it was well worth it. It did help that we had seats on the 5th row, too. Basically, it's good that Vegas has Cirque De Soleil. It does them good. And I highly recommend it. Go to this show. 

Okay, bye.


Ayley said...

i still remember my first cirque show. in awe. it has been said, that my eyes still light up when i talk about it. like christmas morning.

it's now an addiction. watch out!!!

kylee said...

a bucket list must for me: to see a cirque de soleil. i swear i will never see anything better in my life.

katrina said...

vegas is trash. and I'm always shocked how it gets worse each time I go. how is that possible? yet I keep going haha I'm
dying to see that. DYING.

memory said...

I've never been...my parents call Vegas the exact same name as you, "sin city." it sad that one city has such a bad reputation isn't it?
I've heard great things about the cirque. Don't they have one in Florida at Disney world?
Happy twenty-twelve!

p.s. Ive gotta giveaway and would love for ya to enter

McKenzie King said...

these pictures are great, i am strangely in love with vegas, maybe because of CSI? who knows.
...but, i totally agree about the filth, it's quite revolting.