I've been infatuated with the moon recently. I can't get over it. And last night, I almost crashed our car after Lindsey pointed this moon out. So big. So incredible. So mesmerizing. Click on the picture to see it larger. It's so much better. OH PS: Just so you know, I didn't edit this. Any of it. Just some good old fashioned, jaw-dropping neature.


Fuchsia and Viscaria said...

hi anna! i really like to look at the sky. something peace, something that makes me happy.

by the way, can i use your picture for my zine? the first picture of the Sleeping Death.

if you agree, please email me at iamdinyputri@yahoo.com or tweet me @dinyputri or @spark_zine.

thank you very much!

Danielle said...


Kelli Anderson said...

finally. my moon obsession has been ongoing for three years now. i'm obsessed. the moon is so amazing. i can't believe you captured that image. you amaze me. i can't wait til i buy your same camera. goo goo gah gahhhhh.

Catherine said...

i love the moon so much!! it's just incredible. ever seen "the kid" with bruce willis? LOOK AT THE MOON IT'S SO BIG AND ROUND AND WHEN I LOOK AT IT I GET ALL PERKY AND NO ONE WOULD KNOW I'M ALMOST 30...WOOOOoo!

Fuchsia and Viscaria said...

hi, anna! this is our first issue. hope you'll join us :) http://issuu.com/spark_zine/docs/spark_issue__1