KWER Channel 69

A group of my comrades and I created a 70s, spoof newscast to introduce a class project. I did the filming and editing for the project, which after 3 days of editing magically disappeared only to have 3 days to make it all up and them some, and the film ended up being 92 minutes long. 92 MINUTES. It's a feature film. And it's insane. My brain hurts. It's about nothing super interesting or important unless you're into media literacy junk. Which I am, so I loved it. But you probably won't. Anywho, enjoy the clip! It was fun to make!


Heidi Holt said...

love love you you are are so so cool cool the the end end

Brissa said...

you are so cool.

kelli case anderson said...

you are soooo cool.