Here are a few of the final shots from this shoot. Again, to emphasize the context of the project, our assignment was to analyze political cartoons about the Tea Party and how they, the Tea Party, are represented. We chose to design a satirical photoshoot with a similar concept and tone of political cartoons that we analyzed.

What may be the most important photo is the last. We put this on our conclusion page to represent our desires to take a greater understanding of political cartoons, and the news and media more generally, and break down their hidden meanings and messages--to abandon what hegemonic ideals might be fed to us and use our brains to discover the truth. After all, "the truth will set you free."

Wowza. This class is turning me into a preacher. Anywho, for our project we designed a coloring/activity book to present our information. Sorry to break down this project into so many posts, but I'll have to show you how it turned out. It's definitely inspired me to print more stuff and maybe make a magazine! Woot woot!


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Media smarts?

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YES! Media smarties must stick together!