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More scenes from this photoshoot. Our project was to analyze the Tea Party and how it is represented in political cartoons. Political cartoons have a way of pointing out flaws and any extreme details about whatever subject they frame, so, we chose to recreate what we had seen the Tea Party represented as with a photoshoot and a satirical attitude. On the bottom is Sarah Palin and also involved in the party, but not shown here, is a member of the KKK. More photos are coming, again, of our finished product. Just to emphasize again, even though I shouldn't really have to, but this is all satire. SATIRE, PEOPLE.

I don't want to delve super in depth about the project or anything like that right here, but feel free to ask me more about it and I will definitely tell you!

School has been so hard, but so exciting this semester and I've been pleased as punch to have gotten to know these people and work with them. Any project is better when you get to do stuff like this!

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Louisejoyb said...

These photographs are fab, what a fun shoot!

Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs