miesh photography pt. 1

I've been loving on Utah photographers lately and maybe a little too much, but there are just so many good ones out there makin' delicious whoopie-pie pictures.

This is miesh photography, and this woman, Michelle Frampton, is the master of the square formating, color scheming, film texturing, and compositioning. Everything about her photos are pleasing to my eyes, and now yours as well. Since she is just so darn good, I'm going to do two posts. So stay tuned for next week's sundee stuffs! But for now, look, and enjoy.

To see more, go to her site.


L J said...

I love meish photography. Im a stalker. i went to ecuador with one of those models. diya know bout that? I wanna have meish do my bridals or something. not that I'm going to get married anytime soon. just planning ahead. flip.

Anna said...

totes. did I tell you all of my photographers for my weddding? I think I did. Was that you? Or was that heidi? And the redhead is who you went with, right? RIGHT?