here's the deal

I'm very superstitious. Not really, but I like to think that if I align myself with some weird superstitions, it can't hurt, right? So what do you do when this happens?

Tell me, people: WHAT DO I DO? I debated no more posts until the new year. Then I couldn't resist it. Now, I'm going for a hundred posts before the new year. BUT. What happens then? Do I have to blog 342 times the following year? I don't know if I can handle that? I don't know if I can handle 100 in 60 days. I mean, that's like 1.6 posts a day? HOW DO I WRITE A SIXTH OF A POST?

Anywho, the consensus from my league of followers (all 2.3 billion of you) was to continue forward. To post 100 times. To dream the Impossible Dream.

So, what am I going to blog about? Paige has my back. She's def got my back. (And yes, I am protecting Paige's identity because she didn't choose to step into this famous life of a blogger--it's just not fair to her).
This grew into 100+  ideas for this blog. If you have me added on facebook, do yourself a favor and look up this wall post. We went back and forth for maybe an hour with such topics for blog posts like  PHOTOBLOG: In honor of Steve Jobs, a series of photos of people in black turtlenecks, why toddlers and tiaras is an assault to our American freedoms, Corey and Tapanga's relationship, DIY tutorial on how to do tutorials, happy lists, hate lists, hit lists, funny Asian commercials and cheesy blasters. Go look. It will entertain you for at least 5 minutes.


katrina said...

ohh my goshhh, we are dying. best. video. ever. i love you three truly madly deeply.

Ayley said...

the lift!!

haha ooommg . so gr8. adam and i cracked up the whole time.

plz plz plz do the blog posts!

Carli said...

This video made me miss Logan BADDD, well mostly just awesome roommates but whatever, this was great. I loved it.

Catherine said...

dying of laughter.
also, i'm so glad you are doing all of paige's suggestions. hahahahahahaha
that honestly was the best fb conversation ever.

Lindsay said...

please tell me you saw Crazy, Stupid, Love. because this just speaks to me of that. ps, I wholeheartedly support the 100 blog posts. I pledge my support.

Tahnee said...

hahahhahah I LOVE YOU

Caitlin said...

I miss Lindsey so much right now.

L J said...

I miss Caitlin always. haha I can't access this video at school, it says its R Rated. haha