your beautiful eyes

A different kind of sundee stuffs, but it's nothing short of a supernova, right? I had a huge eye kick when I was in high school, just like every other wanna be scene kid. They were, and still are one of the most incredible pieces of the human anatomy in my opinion and these photos completely prove my point. 

See more here.


photography4thecreator said...

These spectacular photos have seriously left me speechless(for once). You are so talented and I am always anticipating your next post ;)


kylee said...

gorgeous eyes & a charming smile get me every time.

Anna said...


These are incredible photos, but I did not take them! They were taken by Suren Manvelyan and if you click the link, you can see more!

AnxiousAnon said...

Shut up. Those look like they were taken straight from a sci-fi movie. Creepy and amazing.