7 facts from Ashley (of whom I miss...Ashley? Are you out there? I'll find you in the FAC soon.) I really love doing these. They're all about me. And this is my blog, so there.

--I cry every single time I watch Hook. Even if I just listen to a song from it, I tear up.  Peter Pan is one of my favorite stories ever. Mostly, it's because I think I'll always be scared of growing up. Most people are, right?

--I am a journalism and communications major. Specifically a journalism major with an emphasis in broadcast journalism. Weird, right? For kicks and giggles, I'm curious to know what you thought I was majoring in. SPILL.

 --I'm scared of volcanoes. When flying into Ecuador, we flew through a sheet of clouds only to discover a giant black cloud and a mountain spewing it on the other side. I freaked out, to say the least.

--I am obsessed with Riverdance. And Celtic music. And Celtic dancing. That really is a secret to me. When a person really knows me, they know that I am obsessed with two things, that being one of them. And I will not tell you what the other is because it is way too embarrassing.

--I love/hate photography. It pushes me in more ways than I ever thought and I am more critical about that than almost anything else that I do. I've learned more about passion and will power through it than most things.

--I'm LDS. And it's great.

--I have a crush on every boy. No really. I pretty much do.

YOURTURN (only if you feel like it):



Steph Romney said...

Hook was the first movie I cried while watching. I was probably 9? Still cry. Especially when the baby rolls down the hill and takes a spill out of the carriage.

Monica H. said...

So I gotta do this? Seven facts about me? Wow. Interesting....I'll probably learn a lot about myself doing this. haha. And give myself ideas for when you're supposed to "introduce yourself" at a ward gathering/social thingy.

p.s. LOVE that you're a broadcast major. love love love it.

kelli case anderson said...

i knew your major only because of opinionology. it was hard for me to type that word.

and your other obsession is backstreet boys but why would you be embarrassed about that?!

Shelby said...

I like you so much. BYE.

kylee said...

i live a deprived life for i have never seen hook. and we can cruch on every boy together. i get new crushes on the daily.

Ashley Benjamin said...

ANNA. I miss you too! I'm always in the FAC. Or the library. I would love to see ya.

Danielle said...

OREO'S. Anna. I lived with you... I think I'm right. Prolly not. I thought you were a THE-A-TAH major. ha. ha. ha. ha.

L J said...

why'd you say my name, what do you want me to do?