I finally caved--I joined Pinterest!

I was intentionally putting it off because I feared I would get addicted to it, but I couldn't resist it any longer. I use my tumblr as my main inspiration board, so I don't know how this will be much overlapping or working, but we'll see. BUT FOR NOW--take a look at my boards! They are a work in progress with my travel one with much more attention...heh. I got a little crazy and started looking up all the places that I've traveled to and posted pictures, so, most on there are places I've been (just have to toot my own horn, alright).

But now I've been thinking more and more about travel...I want to start working towards a really great trip of some sort in the near future. Where should I go? What have been the coolest places that you guys have been to? What's cool in the states that I need to see? What about abroad? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT.

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katrina said...

funny cause i caved today too hah!

im dying to rent a motor home and go see mount rushmore. care to join? summer 2012. jeff may or may not approve. whatevz.

Monica H. said...

Anna. YES YOU GOT PINTEREST. You'll be spending all of your time on it. haha. anyway, places to travel. You HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO travel to a city called Lausanne, Switzerland. really, it will take your breath away. That is the number one city. The next: Murren, Switzerland. The next: Monte Carlo, Monaco. Okay. That's all I have now for you my dear.

kylee said...

yep. i refused to get pinterest for that very same reason. and guess what? i am addicted just like i knew i would be. but i also looooove it.

Brissa said...

i'm so excited to stalk your boards!!