masquerade pt. 2

Very similar, but ENTIRELY DIFFERENT.

Masquerade pt. 2. GUYS. Who's who? WHO'S WHO?! We went a little berserk in the Halloween store, to say the least. Sometimes you just can't resist it.

I've got some pretty incredibly costume ideas for upcoming parties so keep your eyes peeled. I might not top Trunchbull (let's face it--that was just too incredible for most people to handle), but they'll be pretty good. Stay tuned!


kylee said...

trunchbull. i am dyyyying. best costume EVER.

Catherine said...

why are you so cool? that trunchbull costume was the best thing i've ever seen.

kelli case anderson said...

lindsey on left, you on right. and trunchbull was just amazing. i remember i got way trunky when katrina sent me the photo of you last halloween.

Amanda said...

Amen to waht Kylee said.