Just so you know...MX

I've been listening to Mylo Xyloto nonstop. I am a Coldplay lover through and through. I've been incessantly listening to Paradise ever since it was released a few weeks ago and it's wonderful to have the whole album to accompany it. Few things inspire me in so many ways as good music like this. The album art, the music videos, and the music itself. Great stuff, I tell ya. Charlie Brown, Up in Flames, and Princess of China are some of my favorites so far...listen! And love!


Catherine said...

Ahhh so glad you love Coldplay too!! I have always known you were cool. Love the ones you listed, especially Princess of China! When I saw that Rihanna was going to be collaborating with them, I was a little worried. But it's become one of my favorites!

Catherine said...

And by "I have always known you were cool", I meant for that to say "You have always been so cool."