colby & kelsey

Some shots from a beautiful August wedding with a truly wonderful couple, Colby and Kelsey. They met in a bookstore. If that isn't just precious and radical, I don't know what is.


Ayley said...

photograph my wedding. if even just leisurely. i will give you a press pass. like, all access status. you are just lovely.

Shelby said...

These are beautiful. So are you. I've blog-stalked you extremely thoroughly and it makes me happy everyday. BYE ANNA.

And, remember. "Heroes get remembered, artsncrafts never die."

Babe Ruth said that.

kelli case anderson said...

i ran into them at stake conference, yeah we're in the same stake. i dig it. we've been meaning to hang out but just haven't. i like them. and i love ayley's comment.

kelli case anderson said...

and when we saw each other at stake conference we talked about how awesome you are. not just your pictures (which we did talk about), but YOU.

kelli case anderson said...

she sort of looks like amanda bynes when you look at her straight on.

photography4thecreator said...

oh my, I happened to come across your blog and I will say I love your photography! Perfect poses, perfect lighting, perfect emotions! I am a new proud follower!