on hair dye and why you should do it

Just in case you haven't seen me recently, here's what I look like at the present moment:

Exciting, huh?

This has been much more shocking to my friends than when I dyed my hair pink

It's been an adventure with this hair, and I keep forgetting that it is what it is, but I have to say that I have loved it. I'm convinced that changing things like this about your appearance make you more confident (especially when the majority of people around you sincerely don't like it) and more importantly make you figure out who you are. One of my fears has been that I let my appearance be too much a part of my identity. My hair is pretty reflective of my personality (bu-duh). And whenever an introduction is necessary, it was always, "Hi, I'm Anna James, I'm 20, and I have red, curly hair,"--all things that shouldn't really define who I am. Changing it up is making me work harder to be me even more. And I like it.

Am I getting deep about hair dye? Yes. You're welcome.


Louisejoyb said...

I love this post, the photo really made me giggle :') you suited your hair pink! I don't think I would have the guts to dye my hair that colour, I've never even dyed my hair to begin with..can never decide to take the plunge or not!

Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

Monica H. said...

I LOVE IT. Isn't it fun to be brunette?? :D I want to go to lunch with you sometime baby. Okay? And visit little Walter. I still haven't seen him. I'll be up next weekend so let me know if you are. YAY!

Ashley Benjamin said...

Anna, you're the greatest. I seriously admire your courage! I wish I had some. Your hair is awesome. Loved the pink, love this. You are totes adorbs. Keep bein your awesome self.

Brissa said...

you would wait for me to stop blogging to die your hair. i was having these thoughts like, "maybe it's just the lighting. she didn't dye her hair. she couldn't have. SHE WOULD HAVE TOLD ME."
i'm relieved the truth finally came out.