home life


Mi Ecuadorian guitarra, a delish breakfast, my filthy bedroom, various knickknacks, toes, a george foreman specialty, pooped roomies, and the one and only Aggie blue mint ice cream. Boring, funny, nice, but totes gr8 pictures from home life. Not that I don't love living with the rents or anything, but freedom tastes SO SWEET. Warning: you're going to get sick of fish eye photos. I'm on quite a high right now. Who knew photo equipment would make me so happy?


Carli said...

I knew from day one that equipment would make you happy, I miss blue mint, your roommates truly look pooped and your breakfast looks delicious. You are a real fly young hunny anna James.

kelli case anderson said...

i would be the same way with a fisheye camera lens. i am thinking about buying one. actually correction i am buying one. i'm getting an slr camera did i tell you that? i love these photos and i can't wait to come up and see you guys tomorrow. i need aggie ice cream now.

Jeffrey said...

is that a grilled tuna and cheese? if so i love me some grilled tuna and cheese. i haven't had one in ages.