I'm not a big sports-watcher person. I'd rather play them. But it was the Homecoming game today, and we couldn't just NOT go, right? Especially when the odds of us winning were pretty high and we figured we could leave a little early because of our double-digit lead, right?  I mean, that just sounds like destiny, right? It IS homecoming weekend, RIGHT?

USU--34. CSU--35.


Totes whomps. 


Levi and Allison said...

Your hair is so DARK! I like it, you sexy thing. Too bad about the game though. A boooo.

kylee said...

such a bummmer! losing by one point really is the most awful thing ever. also your pictures are always so great. i sort of wish i could just jump in and live in your life. if blogger ever events such a thing you best believe i'm jumping into your life first.

Christi Lynn said...

ooo these pictures are awesome!

Louisejoyb said...

These photos are fab, I love the effect a fish-eye lens creates!

Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs