survey says:

Remember these? Oh MY were they fun. Couldn't resist doing it again.

4 shows I watch:
+Parks & Recreation

+MTV Hits. 24 hours of music videos. I love music videos.
+An old one...3rd Rock from the Sun

4 things I'm passionate about:

+Quality conversations. Pretty niftie.
+Learning & knowledge

4 phrases I say a lot:
+"Hold on."
+"Give me 80 dollars."

+"that would be a GREAT Halloween costume"

4 things I've learned from the past:
+Think before you speak. Speak what you mean.
+Wear sunscreen.
+Listening will never fail you. 

+Pay attention to everything around you. You will never run out of things to learn.

4 things I did yesterday:
+Played with Maggie in the rain.

+Ran so much that my big toes went numb.
+Pulled out my tablet and designed some stuff.
+Talked myself out of buying a zillion dollars of school supplies at Target

4 places I would love to visit:
+Lake Tahoe


4 things I'm looking forward to:
+A bubbling Aggie social life.

+Time to take new photos and go exploring!

4 things I love about summer:
+Chillax attitude
+Freedom to do anything on the weekends. You can't sporadically campout when it's below freezing outside.
+Driving with the windows down while the sun is setting and your music is blasting.

+Swimming and/or anything that involves water

4 people to tag: 
I'm breaking all the rules.
+Katie Couric (dream big)


kylee said...

the new blog header. in love with it. loooove. seinfeld is the best show ever. hands down. i'm jealous of your soon to be logan life. if i wasn't so far into my major already and so against the cold i would move there in a heartbeat. summer is defined by windows down, music blasting and a day with sun.

Brissa said...

i love, LOVE your new header.

anna, i really do feel like a creep sometimes, but i am in love with your blog. and i just wish provo and logan were neighbors so i could be your neighbor and consequently your friend. i feel like i'd need to pass a few cool tests, but after that and crossing my fingers, i dream i get into your kool kidz klub.

also, i never do these tags. ever. buuuuut i kind of really want to just because you tagged me and it makes me feel like i'm half way into the kkk.
crap. maybe i should change the spelling so as not to make the kool kidz klub look racist...
yes, i just realized that...