sleep is the cousin to death

Duston Todd is one of my favorite photographers in Utah. Well, anywhere really. I've showed his photos on my blog before (here) and I wanted to share some of his recent work. His series "sleep is the cousin to death" was derived from his "death portraits" series. He explains the series here.  (I have a tender place for this series because Duston contacted me to be a part of it and I couldn't because I was in Ecuador, BUM.)

"I am fascinated by what we as a society choose to expose to the world and what it is we choose to hide behind. Portraits of women perhaps help us remove the masks we hold, open our venerability, and thus find common ground amongst one another."

I couldn't agree more. It's quite a beautiful concept and was executed perfectly in my opinion. It's likely that I'll do my own version of this anyways and post it for your viewing pleasure. I've been reading a lot of different things about people and women in particular and their presence on the internet. I've heard a lot of stuff about seeing real faces and real women on the internet. So, I THINK WE SHOULD DO IT. Post pictures of yourself! It's not conceited, it's not self-obsessed, it's showing the world that there's more than one kind of person out there! Not to get preachy, but I think it would be so ridiculously cool to see a picture like this coming from us regular bloggers. Hmm?


Carli said...

just take pictures of ourselves right after we wake up? I would but I don't have the artistic talent to do this without making it look like a myspace photo mishap.

kelli case anderson said...

i likey!

carli's comment is funny.

i'll post.

Danielle Nicole said...

i'll do it anna. if you take my picture for me. :)