bubbly toes

And freckly knees.

These joints won't be hanging around for much longer. Soon they'll be covered with jeans and tights and boots and argyle socks and coats and frostbite. Summer is coming to a close, and the greatest season is coming! I can definitely say that this summer has been one of my favorites in the last few years. I usually hate the summer (crazy, I know) because I used to detest the heat (part of why I like Logan so much) and I rarely ever went outside. This year, I was outside soaking up the sun everyday and learned to love how the sun feels on your face, I had an excellent job and worked my butt off, played hard on the weekends and I spent a lot of time with Lindsey and Heidi. They are my best friends and have really made this summer one of the best. I'm sad to see this summer go because ones like these don't happen often, and rarely do circumstances ever come together in the same way, but I am completely ready for the next school year and the next part of my life. My life is really starting to become something that I'm proud of and I can't wait for the next stage of my live to start. Cheers to new adventures!