hurdle for hope

Sista and I did the Hurdle for Hope race in Idaho to support the orphans in Ecuador. It was done through Dando Amor and the main guy is Travis Gugleman of Gugleman Photography. I met Travis the last two weeks before I left Ecuador where he and a bunch of other photographers had come down to document and donate to the orphans. I've had a ton of respect for him ever since I met him, and seeing this race and everything he's doing for the kids made me respect him that much more. He is 100% committed to helping these children and it is so incredible to see him dedicate so much of his life to this.

Lindsey and I were more than willing to come to this race to support him and his cause. We found out about a week before that it was an "Extreme" race...which we were a tad concerned about until we actually started running. It was so fun. I absolutely loved it. And I don't like running. SO THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING. Here are some of Travis's photos from the race!

It was definitely extreme! And I loved it! And we will be doing it next year for sure.

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anna said...

great idea! and great blog! exciting to be following you!