I've been trying to make life decisions and predictions through M.A.S.H. which is both humiliating and exciting. The most recent round proved to be very nice--it included Spain, Australia and Ecuador for upcoming travels, multiple career choices like film direction, graphic design, and a curator to accommodate my mid, quarter, and late life crises-es, a plethora of children, being fluent in Spanish AND French, life on the California coast and downtown SLC in a mansion, and marriage to a record label executive. What a great imaginary life.


kylee said...

oh my heavens i love that game. is it bad if i now seriously want to play right this second?

Brissa said...

mash is one of my favorite games. and i'm kind of diggin your life. can i come with you when you life on the california coast? i'll teach you spanish if you teach me how to dougie.