I got this comment a while ago on my first post about Ecuador where I decided that I was going.
It said this:

So, you brave little anonymous commenter, I going to try and formulate some response for you. To question number two, the answer is YES. To question number one...I have a different answer. You'll probably be disappointed by it.

One night, when all of us volunteers were eating some delicious pizza together, Allie came up with the best phrase to respond to this question. We had just gotten a few new volunteers and we were all chatting together. We went around the table and each of us said in one word what our experience has been so far. Allie had the best response. She said "words."

We ended up using it all the time. Like the first time a child remembered our names, or the feeling we felt after our first morning prayer on our knees, or when we drove through the mountains to go to Trini for the first time, or when we saw a little boy who had just learned to walk stumble into his adoptive dad's hands for the first time. "Words" just fit.

I know that it was only three months. It's not a big amount of time at all, really, but it's made a huge difference in my life. 

I gave a talk about my whole experience on Sunday. And it took twenty minutes. And I could have gone on for longer. I do have some words to say about it, but ultimately, it only means something until those stories are yours.


I'm way too serious on this blog. Enough of that. BRING ON THE SUMMER SUN.


Danielle said...

This made my heart beat a little faster. Thanks for being one of the best indiana james.

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