Tilt shift lenses and effects can make some of the coolest photos. This is my first time trying, so I was a little nervous, but I think they turned out decent. But I've been avoiding photoshop for a while so I might be a little rusty. But I'm telling you, Ecuador has some of the most beautiful landscapes. I really had a difficult time photographing it in a way that gave it justice because it's such a...panoramic city. That's the only way I can think to describe it. It's a place that needs to be seen with physical eyes to really absorb all of the beauty that's there. So I thought some tilt edits might be a fun and different way to present it. Anywho, here are some pictures from a few areas around town. Some parts were pretty primitive, others were great, little metropolitans. All of it is fantastic.


The last shot is my favorite from the group. It's a sun temple from the Ingapircan (Incan) ruins.
Another great thing about Ecuador is how diverse it is. I lived and visited three large cities during my time and they were all so different from each other. The differences between the clean mountain atmosphere in Cuenca and the humid coast line in Guayaquil were so vast, I almost couldn't believe that they were in the same country (and such a little one, too!). Weather wise, I always thought it was so ironic that the country I was living in was on the Equator, yes, but I was so high up in the mountains (9,000 ft. +) that I was never really hot where I lived. The hottest it got was probably 85 or 90 degrees and the coldest was 50 or 55. PRIME weather, people. PRIME. It's a fantastic thing.
Well, there's my little taste of Ecuador for you. It's purty. You should go there.

And for some really well done tilt shifts, lookie here. I'm booking my flight to Iceland tonight, whataboutyou?


Brissa said...

anna, it's official. you need to come to my house. my mom would love to see these pictures and talk about ecuador. she'd definitely cook for you too. your pictures and stories make me want to visit so badly.

mina said...