comida parte dos

I'm going to get some city posts of Cuenca up here because it is such a beautiful little city filled with some really great people. To start, more food! It was all ridiculously delicious. And it looked pretty (to me, at least).

Whilst in Ecuador, we volunteers had the unbelievably awesome blessing of having an in house cook who made lunch for us everyday. It was DELICIOUS. Rice. All the time. And yogurt and bananas and mozzarella cheese and caterpillar bread and a giant glass of juice EVERYDAY. We also had a fruit market about 3 minutes away from our house. It was a rad place filled with rad people who grew some delicious foods. These pictures don't even show the half of it. 


Carli said...

Those Ecudorians sure know how to make some appealing looking food.

Meisha Marie said...

I LOVE OPEN-AIR MARKETS. Especially farmers markets. All of that loooks amazing anna!

Ayley said...

you are amazinG!