rosado ojo

Lesson #63 of "Things I Learned in Ecuador" -- Appreciation. More specifically, appreciation for my body.

Saddest picture of me evar.
This is something I wasn't really expecting. But it's inevitable when you work with any sort of special needs children that this will be forcibly knocked into your brain whether you like it or not. It's hard to not recognize it when you're changing a boy with twisted ribs, crooked hands & a feeding tube, or when you help a grown woman who once had the ability to stand and dance and run and walk go to the bathroom and she can't even tell you how she feels about the fact that her life is becoming progressively more silent and more chair-ridden.

This morning, I woke up to my bunk mate saying, "Anna, can I do anything for you?" and a terrifying realization that I couldn't open either of my eyes because they were swollen the sealed shut with my own eye puss (TMI, lo siento). What a sobering realization when I discovered that I couldn't really do anything for myself because of my temporary blindness. I had to have help. I couldn't do it by myself. And that's a scary thought.

Everyday, I realize something new that I never appreciated. I can run, I can dance, I can jump, I can walk, I can move, I can read, I can write, I can speak, I can feed myself, I can brush my own teeth, I can change my own clothes, I can defaecate on my own, I can scratch my own arm, I can wipe my nose, I can do this and that and so much more. I haven't taken the best care of my body, but I do know that the opportunity to have one that (mostly) functions correctly is an incredible blessing.

That's all.

Just kidding, two more random things:

The Occidental Saloon just put out a video featuring the blessed Fictionist. It's awesome. Of course.

And I sang a Beatles song the other day. Take a listen. Produced by and featuring my insanely talented brother, Bobby James. THX BROHEIM.


Brissa said...

anna james, i love your voice.

Caitlin said...

this reminds me of when I was working at a girls camp, I woke up from an overnighter with about 20 mosquito bites on my eyelids. Cruel! But yes, not the worst for sure. And oh man, do I ever love that new occidental saloon video...

Steph Romney said...

You are amazing. Can I get an mp3 of this?? Also, what an incredible opportunity for you to be abroad. Wowza.

katrina said...

anna! your poor eyesss.

also, i love you. every little bit of you.

im pretty sure thats what i comment every time i comment your blog but its because after every post i cant think anything but mi luv-ee d@ gurl.

kelli christine case said...

i have a lesbian crush on your singing voice. seriously. i would make luv to your voice. sorry too much details.

Paige said...

That is really the saddest picture ever. I'm so sorry, no fun. And seriously?? OMG gurl, you are so good. Please record more stuff like that.

Carli said...

Sick AJ, You are so cool for doing all the good you are doing though.

Callie Stats said...

I really love this. A lot. It makes me appreciative of my body, too.

Callie Stats

L J said...

my eyes are watering. so gross.