I'm stranded. I spent the night in South Beach, Miami with an OSSO pal and some friends I met at the airport. I didn't expect the states to put me into culture shock. I didn't think I'd take a late night stroll along the beach, either. But never did I think I would bawl in front of a complete stranger while blubbering about "my kids".

This is hard.


Meisha Marie said...

aw anna. this makes my heart hurt. i really can't imagine how much love you have for those kids.

i know when my sister did the AmeriCorps program, her favorite place was in Mississippi where she worked at an after school program with the Boys and Girls club. you can read about it here: http://mandolinthemirthful.blogspot.com/2008/04/tears-of-love.html

Love you anna! You are an inspiration

Maddy said...

Oh Anna :( I hurt for you. Its so hard. It will get easier though. Cry it all out and be sad. Its ok :) Love you so much!

Megan said...

Sweet picture, lady. I'm glad to have you back, or near to back, but sad that it's hard for you. Good luck.

Juhee said...

looove the picture!