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Another gif for you kids of a sunset on a portion of the SLC skyline.

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This didn't end up to be anything that I initially intended it to be, but I'm liking what resulted. I tried to make this very super 8 film-like (like this). Good thing about gifs is that they almost always look horrible and pixelated if you do them through a free host like tinypic, but it completely adds to the style of it. The frame count was 50 cells, which was less than I had photos for, but alas, my computer had a tough time processing this many frames as it is. This was definitely a learning experience and now I know what to do and what not to do if I ever decided to do this again. LOLZ. Unfortunately, this wasn't that exciting of a sunset, and my SLR died right when I showed up to to this so I was stuck with my dinky point and shoot, but it all ended up working surprisingly well.

In other news, Maggie has been waking me up the last couple of days and I absolutely love it. It still scares me quite a bit to have a tongue on my face as a wake up call, but it's just SO DARN CUTE. Unfortunately, in exchange for the puppy kisses, this happened.

Broken, destroyed, ruined forever. Hope they tasted like a hundred bucks, Mags, because THAT'S WHAT YOU OWE ME NOW YA BUTT. Here's to hoping I got a warranty on these.

wishing for words

In honor of Cyber Monday, here is a lovely list of books that I am dying to get/waiting for you to buy for me because books are some of the best gifts. 

"Peter Pan"..in literary form!! I have never read the novel by J.M. Barrie and I'm sort of hesitant because it could possibly ruin the movies and stories for me, or be the best part of my whole Peter Pan obsession. Regardless, I want a copy to at least decide if I will make the leap into Neverland with teh wurds.

The Selby is radical, and I read/looked at the entire book, "The Selby is in Your Place" by Todd Selby, online and now I have to have a tangible copy. The whole book invades the subjects habitats and lets the viewer look at all the cool crap that these cool people have collected over time. Aesthetically pleasing, of course, but most inspiring to think about all the cool crap I will have someday.

A real copy of The Great Gatsby. 

"Superfreakonomics" by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner. Freakonomics is probably one of my top ten favorite books thus far and I am jumping at the opportunity of any book that is similar.

Tim Walker's "Pictures" is one book that I've heard so much about in the last few months. Walker's name and images have been floating around the web for some time, and I need a complete collection of his stuff.

"Game Change" by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin. I love politics. Embarrassing, I know. This book is all about the 2008 political campaign and how crazy it all was. A cute little fact for you, I turned 18 the day before election day in 2008, so that election was the first time I voted. It was incredible, and I've never felt more patriotic in my life. 

"The Chosen" by Chaim Potok. One of my favorite books that I read in high school, I'm desperate to get a copy and read it again. 

And last, but definitely not least, "Earth" by Jon Stewart.  No explanation necessary.

Holla for online shopping!!!!



Double exposure work can be some of the most magnificent forms of photos. There's really something special about a juxtaposed image that is completely natural and dependent on a camera's abilities rather than post processing. The thought that goes into these is really something to marvel at all by itself, but it's continually impressive to see the quality showing when the two images merged together aren't lost in the process and it still is aesthetic pleasing and thought provoking. The combination of the surreal worlds with the poses of adult and child embraces provide stunning subjects for this series.


Happy Thingsgetting!

A belated Thanksgiving post, but realize that I am just as grateful today of the things I have as I was yesterday. Promise. I would've posted this yesterday but the dear Tryptophan in the turkey had me "napping" within minutes of the meal.

I'm thankful for:

Chocolate cinnamon bears, water bottles, books, glasses, reasonable co-workers, my computer, Liz Lemon, Christmas and holidays in general, my house, a brain, Maggie, movies, grocery stores, my parents, a good car, ovens, pumpkin pie, cameras, my brother and sister-in-law, washers and dryers, comfortable pants, the opportunity to go to Ecuador, a steady(ish) job, warm socks, friends, letters, my bike, my sister, a clean shower, school (sometimes), Chinese food, indoor heating, and last, but not least, Harry Potter. Superficial list, eh?

I didn't take any real pictures, so here's some of me and my new companion and some pillow talk time.


And a model shot.


ourt skoul

Well, that blizzard was definitely hyped up. I kinda thought it would be, and I'm pretty disappointed. And a little embarrassed I made a post completely revolving around the weather and a storm that ultimately was a big, fat let down.

My captions are becoming a game of mad gabs.

I am beyond glad that Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I've missed this holiday.

To make this post a little less sucky:

Here's a picture in the art classrooms.

I didn't intend to merge the two frames together, but I like it. This room is incredible. The huge windows and the art supplies and clutter everywhere inflicted a serious rage/jealousy episode. I often wonder what things would be like if I was an art major. I fall back to the idea every now and then--maybe it'll stick one of these days.


hyped up

I haven't heard a storm be this publicized for years...but I can't wait.

I'll try to document this goodness.

For now, the most exciting thing is that this is happening:




I worked at the merch table on Saturday night for The Lower Lights at the Post Theater. Last time I saw them was fantastic and I snapped a few shots that fortunately made it onto their website unbeknown to me, which is pretty exciting! They're getting a lot of traffic and sold out their first show, added an extra show AND we sold a ton of cds!
Consequently, I didn't get a chance to get a lot of pictures, but here are a handful.

I can't decide between the color or black and white on this one.

I've only been to the Post a few times, but it's been great so far. Venues probably mean too much to me, but often they can make or break a concert for me and I usually end up avoiding shows altogether if I know they're in a place with a horrible sound system. Velour is top notch in my book and the Post is creeping up there in the favorites as well. It has a great old time-y feel (considering the building is pretty old--I think), a great set-up that usually renders a more intimate gathering, & seats for lazy people like myself. There was a magnificent blizzard during the show that knocked it into my head that it's the end of November and winter/the holidays/holy-crap-I'm-leaving-soon dawned upon me. Time is flying.

There is really something so cool about going to the ticket booth and saying "my name is one the list." COOLNESS FACTOR RISING UP IN HURR.  In exchange for my hard work, I got admission and a cd! Sounds like a good trade to me, eh?



I've been attracted to a lot of surreal work lately, which is fairly reflective of my moods recently. Without delving into the mechanics of my hyper emotive brain, I'll just say that I've been escaping into worlds that don't exist in order to avoid mine.

Shane Devries has been a favorite, along with Jon Foster, Osnotropp (I hate Deviant Art. Hate it) and Dali, of course.

I have a million thoughts regarding this right now--none organized enough to present. Maybe that'll come in a few days.

And one more for you all,

by Mary GrandPre



Because I was bored.

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Both reds! Booooo.
I'm in the process of making another gif with 80 somethin' cells. It's going to be a doozy. BUT A COOL ONE.



Who's the best bitch in town? THIS ONE!!!

Here's Aggie. Except she's Maggie now. Agnes is one of those joke names that works for a dog because you'd never really name a human Agnes (no offense to your grandma) but we decided that it was a little too old-lady nowtro hipster swankified for us...PLUS Maggie is a character in Hook which is one of the best movies ever. So MAGGIE IT IS! She's a Boxer pup with huge feet and the best forehead wrinkles I've ever seen.

My parents live just below an ATV area in Centerville where occasionally people spend time off-roading, making out, or dropping off puppies. My neighbor was around the area and found Aggie limping and famished. They picked her up and gave her to us. They just got a dog a few months ago and with that new puppy, two cats, and six kids, they couldn't afford to keep Maggie.  Since we had just put Lilly down, we were newly without a dog and preparing to get a new one. We didn't know if Maggie had been dropped off or was just lost, so we called the pound and had them pick her up and keep her for a week to see if anyone was looking for her...and so it goes, no one called and we were waiting to get her.

She fell into our laps, but I think this was the perfect time for us.

This is good prep for Ecuador (not really) because she pretty much requires 90% attention when you're with her. And she needs to pee all the time, and be disciplined, and take naps, and be held. Just like a baby, right? Less disciplining...more learning. That's a better word.

They say dogs tend to look like their owners which is completely true, in my family so far. My mom and Lilly were twins. It was cute. And weird. So I think now it's my turn. Maggie and I have the same hair color. CUTEEE.



I recently discovered Motionographer, a database of the most radicool vids and films AKA more minutes of my life swindled away watching stuff that most people don't appreciate. I haven't posted a good does of videos since this post, and it's about time for another smorgasbord of good stuff. Here's a few finds from this site that I have thoroughly enjoyed so far...

Sean Pecknold -- BBC Knowledge -- "Honk If You're Human"

BBC Knowledge - Honk If You're Human from Sean Pecknold on Vimeo.

"Gettysburg Address" by Adam Gault and Stephanie Augustine

Gettysburg Address from Adam Gault on Vimeo.

Nathan Love's "NBC Peacock"

Blu -- "Big Bang Big Boom"

BIG BANG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Google Street View by Sehsucht

GOOGLE STREET VIEW from Sehsucht™ on Vimeo.

And maybe...the best for last:
"I Met the Walrus" written and directed by Josh Raskin. An animated interview between a John Lennon and a 14-year old boy who snuck into his hotel room.

To check out tons more of this goodness, check out their website.


the more you ruv someone

I went for a long walk today. It was snowing-ish, but was still beautiful. I think I forgot that I live in one of the prettiest areas of Salt Lake. The avenues are fantastic...hopefully I'll get a few more pictures of this area in its fall splendor before the snow falls and then I move away from this wonderful area.

I stopped to take some pictures underneath three giant maples that had vivid yellow leaves everywhere. Purty. Realzies.

I didn't have much time or patience to take more pictures because I was a little preoccupied with this:

She's new. And I'm working on getting some decent pictures of her, but for now, here's a video of her and her candy-cane squeaky-toy glory. Her name's Agnes, for now, and we nick-named her Aggie. Still have that USU pride embedded in me forever.