Halloween rocks. And this Halloween rocked. Here are a few things to entertain you for just a moment....

How to find a masculine costume for your effeminate son,

How To Find A Masculine Halloween Costume For Your Effeminate Son

A few funny Halloween costumes from Ellen and a anti-rapist dog,

How I danced at the rockin-est party this weekend,

While wearing this.

That's right. I was the one and only Miss Trunchbull.

Lessons learned:

1. Sometimes costumes can be a little too accurate and consequently super funny and awkward to laugh at.
2. The smell of donuts is a hard thing to top. A warm donut and a glass of apple cider may top it.
3. Soup is the best. 
4. I am a Mormon Jay-Z fan. 
5. The Phantom of the Opera is a long, long movie.


The Shining

The creep series wouldn't really be fit to end if I didn't include one of the "classics". I haven't seen this movie in quite some time, but whenever I see the twins from these movies, I get creeped out. Any twins for that matter. And old ladies kissing people. JK I'm not THAT insensitive. I was debating pulling out all the bells and whistles and doing a full scale duplication of myself similar to the classroom photos that I did a few months ago, but I wasn't really in the mood...and I couldn't imagine how I was going to figure out how to get the hands to line up right and it just sounded like a whole lot for work than for what it's worth, AND I've been wanting to do some more double exposure work and this was the perfect opportunity for just that. So CHECK IT. All naturale baby.

And just imagine a bunch of blood and guts ERRWHERR in this one.

Exposure time was 13 whopping seconds. Neat!


siblings and secret windows

It's been just over a year since I've seen my shmookziepoo, but now it means that she'll be home in no time! I feel like I make way too big of a deal out of my sister being gone, but I think my posts just get really sentimental and accentuate stuff even though I really don't obsess about this all the time. But it does still suck to think about how she hasn't really been "there" for me over the last year. Whatever. It's just that I've changed so much since she left and she's changed eons, so it'll definitely be strange to think about our blessed reunion and what it'll be like when we're together again. And the first song that she will hear when she gets into the car will inevitably we this followed by this. Or this. There's so many options!

Here's some picture from last year at Frightmares which is easily the best time to be at Lagoon.

Waiting for siblings is so much harder than waiting for boyfriends, people. I mean, I could've just gotten another sister if I really wanted to, but I think Lindsey may be The One.

I love siblings. My senior year of high school was a rough one for me. My brother was in Boston for his third year and my sister had left in October to work in Ecuador. They had both been gone before, and I had sort of gotten used to it, but I think I just freaked out a little more when I realized they were much further away. Fortunately, my brother was coming home for Christmas. I was working when my parents went to pick him up from the airport and before they went home, they stopped by my work. It was the Christmas Eve and there were probably 40 people in this tiny little store that were waiting to be helped and I and every other employee was running around like madness trying to take care of everything. And then my brother walked in (cue symphonies and slow motion). I walked over to him and hugged him, said a few things and then they left. I then proceeded to run to the bathroom and bawl for a few minutes. It was pathetic, and cute, and hilarious. Only one of my co-workers saw me, but she then pulled a "WAIT ANNA ARE YOU CRYING? OMG CUUUUUUUUTE!!!!". Embarrassing. This is the dorkiest story, but I don't think I'm ever going to forget it.

Here's another addition to my creep series. The Secret Window is my favorite scary movie. These images won't really make sense unless you've seen the movie, but I'll sort of explain. Sort of.

Mort (Johnny Depp) is a writer who is being harassed by a man named "Shooter" who claims that Mort stole his story, "The Secret Window", which Mort swears that he wrote himself. After several run-ins with Shooter, he becomes aggressive and threatens to kill Mort unless he admits that he didn't write it and gives himself some portion of the profits that Mort's made from the piece. Mort has the police at his house to provide him with extra security, but when Mort comes home from being out one day, he discovers that Shooter was in his house.

This one reveals a hidden message of sorts from Shooter..."Shoot Her".

And the end of the film, it shows a man (I won't specify who) who is eating corn that was grown in his garden just outside of his house which also has a few bodies buried underneath. WHAAAAAA.

I love Halloween. And scary movies. THEY ROCK.



The last few weeks have had a shocking amount of inaccurate age guesses. From one woman asking me how many kids I have (not if I even had any), to one co-worker who has worked with me for 5 months assuming that I was older than my brother (25). I have gotten pretty used to the idea that I look or somehow seem older than I am, of which I really am not entirely sure what it is that makes me seem older to some people, but I can't help but wonder what 25+ is going to look like if that's apparently what I look like now. HMM.

Tavi Gevinson is the bomb. She's got this huge blog where's she's doing all the things she wants to do. And she's 14. She has a really good mantra about her blog as well--"I don't post if I don't feel like it. It feels contrived and boring and chore-like, and my other policy is that I'll stop once this feels like a chore." I really don't feel any pressure to blog whatsoever, but sometimes I want to blog, but have nothing to blog about. That's real pressure. My life's getting kind of boring. Good thing I'm leaving it in two months.

Back to the white walls, back to the non-yakking, back to experimenting. The battle of triad color schemes.


Or the modern RGB?

Or screw the whole thing and make a combination of the two?   


This isn't really my favorite. But it was inspired by the album cover for Wild Nothing's "Gemini". Album art is awesome. I think that may be one of the best jobs--creating album art and the packaging and everything that comes with a tangible CD. Plus, they give away (pff, give away) Grammys for this stuff and who doesn't want a Grammy?

And guys, I definitely have PSD.

I Have PSD from Hyperakt on Vimeo.


Shutter pt. 2

Alas, the final and most terrifying part of this movie, because Polaroids never lie.

SPOILER ALERT (haha!!). Don't read more if you don't want it spoiled! But let me tell you. It's good. It's very good.

PEE MY PANTS. I'm gettin' the heebs just looking at this. Oish.

A hell of a lot of photoshopping went into this, so I'll show you a little of how I did it. I stitched two images together because in the frame that had the higher view of the zombie, I was laughing. Heh.  The trickiest part was connecting it, because the seam was right at my eyes. Tricky, yet it worked out surprisingly well. A ton of burning, texturing, altering colors, and adding some hair, I finished my zombie.

I used this Polaroid frame which was very well set up and easy to use, more color alterations, grains, blurs, THE WORKS to get a faux Polaroid look. And it definitely looks faux and hipstamatic-like, but whatever. I wanted the concept more than the style, I suppose. And here's an outtake. Thanks to my roomie Ali for being my zombie. HOW WILL I EVER THANK HER?


Fall Festivities

I give you most of these photos to set the mood of the one of the greatest times of the year. I say mood for two reasons: 1, the photos themselves don't do it justice & 2, because they don't do it justice, you need to go outside and look at it for yourself. Rarely does Utah grace us with this long of a fall. It's paradise.

woot 056

woot 147

woot 188

woot 129


Fork Fest in Living Color

If you missed it, you definitely missed it. Fork Fest was awesome, as expected. I didn't get to go for as long as I would have wished, but it was fantastic nonetheless. Check it out.
Fork Festival 2010
The Amphitheater
Fork Festival 2010
Joshua James
Fork Festival 2010
The Acoustic Stage
Fork Festival 2010
Fork Festival 2010
Parlor Hawk
Fork Festival 2010
Fork Festival 2010
The Amphitheater
Jay William Henderson

See more on my flickr.

It's really so great to see great stuff coming from Utah. It's incredibly invigorating and inspiring so see such a plethora of local talent around here that I'm feel so oblivious to sometimes, but thanks to events like this, my eyes are literally and figuratively opened to it all. My favorite acts from this shindig (although I didn't get to see all of them) were Fictionist (as always--show #9 I believe), Paul Jacobsen & the Madison Arm, Gypsy Cab, Jay William Henderson, and Isaac Russell.  What was probably the most exciting thing to me was the sheer amount of people there. The amphitheater was overloading with music-lovers which just shows how supportive our community is of the local music scene! Woot woot!

Moral of the story: FORK FEST RULES.



attend the tale

I have a confession to make. For those of you who don't know me, I've done my fair share of theater (fair meaning any, really), and this episode of The Office hit far too close to home (at least watch until the jingle). I love theater humor, specifically making fun of theater humor, hence why Waiting for Guffman is my favorite movie.
I love it especially because this time last year, I was in Sweeney Todd. And I loved it. I had 40 best friends. IT ROCKED. Being a chorus member means that you probably won't have super pictures of you, but that you'll get to spend that much longer creating shenanigans backstage with all the other chorus members. Here's some pictures of me in my get up which consisted of a horrific corset that was hell to put on every night and the awesome makeup that scared my roommates every time I came home.

I'm on the left--far left--lookin' SHARP.
FYI: Nostalgia is having its merry way with me. I miss Logan, and I really miss Utah State--wait, what? I KNOW.

FYI PT. 2: Tumblr is quite pretty sometimes, and my front page is particularly appealing to me at the present moment (I made it, I should like it), but I've got some great stuff up right now like lightning striking the Statue of Liberty, some incredible  customized bikes, the Hipster Potter series, and a comical Van Gogh portrait.


Shutter pt. 1


One of my pals told me to check this movie out, and I think this is going to be one of my favorites scary movies. I worry about spoiling endings, so I tried my best to not directly give away certain plot points, but ultimately the lesson is to CHECK THIS MOVIE OUT. I watched the original Thai verson, which features one tres hottay Asian, Tun, who is a young photographer who after a horrific car accident with his girlfriend, finds eerie shadows in his film.

So...I was looking through my old pictures trying to see if there were any shadows or faces or weird orbs or anything, and I found this picture from True Aggie Night last year...GHOST! Ghost I tell you!

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