a child's best friend

My family put my dog down today. It's been coming for a long while (we probably should have done it a long time ago), but today was finally the day.

I have plenty of friends who think I'm strange for loving dogs/my dog so much, but I don't think one really knows the bond that a pet can give you unless you have owned one yourself and really experienced the joy that they can bring into your life. But Lilly has lead a ripe life and it's time for her to go.
My pooch has been around for all my life. And I cannot remember my life before we got her (she was 17 & I'm 19), so I'm a little sad right now (meaning my headache is throbbing from crying at the office). But I can't help but be happy at how full my life has been with her and how glad I am that I have lead a life loving a dog. My appreciation for their unequivocal love started young, and will continue to bless my life in more ways than one (dog (joke? not joke?)).

RIP Lillers. I'll miss ya.

Pardon the last gremlin picture, but it is too funny to pass up. 

I'm going to watch "All Dogs Go To Heaven" now. Because THEY DO.


to my dearest forsaken

Here's the deal. I'm on a good streak of confidence, and I figured while this is still happening, I better get to getting ma music out derr before all emotional hell breaks loose. And because I've had a few friends request that I give them a recording of me and I haven't had a really good one until now.  

Listen to this song. Find your opinions. And give them to me.

MEANING, if you'd like the track for your own listening pleasures, email me (anna.james@comcast.net)/comment here with your email and I HOOK YOU UP.

And now, the song that has made me almost famous....HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME!!!

Because a good post needs a mediocre picture.

P.S. The player may take a moment to load the track. Let me know if the player is even working for you...it's working great for my computer, but not my roommates?? (HELP?)



skool iz kewl

I don't know why I was so terrified to start school this year.

OH YEAH--as much as I hate to admit it, I don't handle change very well. I get sick every time. And moving to Salt Lake City to work a brand new job & go to a brand new school was quite the change, but it has been incredibly edifying thus far (and free of petty illnesses).

My classes rock. I'm only taking a few classes (a whopping six credits) right now, but I love them both so far. Especially my anthropology class. Because that class is the anthropology of humor & laughter (yes, this is a real class & if fulfills a behavioral science credit(!)). I thought it was going to be a yuppie class that snubbed undignified jokes & humor, but there were 4 cat jokes in my first class, one of those being a video of cats falling down to that one Smash Mouth song.

What more could I ask for?
eye duno maybez a persunolyzed kard two mee wisheng mee well?


Attitude is everything, right?


"Little Ghosts" -- Duston Todd

This series by Duston Todd came at the perfect time. I am craving ghosts hunts, scary stories, and horror films far before the usual craving sets in. Needless to say, these pictures have made me more and more anxious to go exploring and find me a ghost.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

GOOD NEWS: I went to my friend's cabin this weekend, and we're fairly certain there was an intruder there. AWESOME.

And what a way to follow that than by watching Paranormal Activity?

(I'm looking for scary movie suggestions--got any?)


unorthodox tele-work

Avant-garde, no? Well, it is for me at least.

Reworked of this.
Remember my whole blocking my own progression thing? So in order to make a sincere and genuine effort, I'm posting these photos. They're weird, and extremely experimental for me, but I've just gotta do it & see what happens. I really like them right now. And I'll probably hate them in a few weeks, but yeah, WHATEVA. Get over yourself.

Also, as trite and trendy as TVs seem to be, I can't get enough of the setting in the top & bottom photos. That TV is golden.

Loosely inspired by this music video.

This is getting weirder and weirder by the second. Someone's hopped up on the Q. 


amanda & paul


Cheers to one of the funnest weddings (yet)!


Rune Guneriussen pt. 3

Are you sick of him yet? Cause I'm not.

Rune Guneriussen's "Connections" series is another addition to his collection of installations (tion? TIONS?) that melds a utopia (or dystopia) of clones with your suburban communicators.

On the brink
Untitled havoc
Connections # 02
Connections # 03
Connections # 04

By Rune Guneriussen.


boarding long

I've never done this before (action photos), but twas tonz of fun! Another reason to love summer.

Maybe I'll try getting on the board one of these days...uh, maybe not. 


Rune Guneriussen pt. 2


Miscellaneous installation madness.

Basic Object Oriented Knowledge Systems
It´s common knowledge
Twentyfourseven # 15
Twentyfourseven # 23
Tables in the cradle

by Rune Guneriussen.


panoramic travels

My friend, Catherine, posted some really great panoramics from her last vacation a few weeks ago which quickly reminded me of how much I adore them. And coincidentally, some of my best panoramics are from my vacations as well, so I thought I'd share my favorites. Enjoy!

Times Square
Times Square--New York City
Alcatraz Island Panoramic
Alcatraz Island--San Francisco
Museum of Fine Arts Boston, MA
Boston Museum of Fine Arts
North Beach
North Beach--San Francisco
Utah State University -- The Quad
The Quad--Utah State University
My cool apartment/an incredible sunset on Sunday night


Rune Guneriussen pt. 1

Rune Guneriussen has created some of my favorite images that I have come across in the last few months. Expert props, that dusk-y light that makes one crave summer walks or night games (or "the blue hour" light), clever titles, & a hefty dose of personification sum up the Norwegian native's enchanting installations & photographs.

There is no earthly explanation

A herd of solitude
One can rely on the prudence of his decisions # 03
Unprepared winter scenario
A charged meadow
Evolution # 02
One can rely on the prudence of his decisions # 02
Don't leave the lights on
Along with the weather they came

And now all I want is a light up globe. Or twelve of them.

Stay tuned for next week's edition of "sundee stuffs" for Rune Guneriussen pt. 2!