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Bob & Court

Girls are more photogenic than boys? 
Noooo. Well, maybe. Actually, probably. 


The Art of the Square Format

Today's sundee stuffs is all about the one and only FLICKR!!!
A plethora of images from the world wide web that I think are AWESOME and I want to share with YOU! 
Aren't square formats teh BEZT?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.


come back to me

I'm trying to get back to sketching/photo-ing/trying to do something, but I'm just so tired all the time. Ahh, the things we do for money. Fortunately, the last two weekends have been pretty exceptional. Another round of Fictionist, a wedding, a last minute camping adventure that entailed motorcycle rides, box car sleepovers, canal escapades, the Logan arts festival, and good company, birthdays galore, and a few photo-taking quests--take a look!

Cache Valley is beautiful. There's no question about that.

For those of you counting (which is probably just Lauren & me), this is round 5 of our dear Fictionist. And is still not ceasing to be so damn good.

And just a few shots from my recent photo expeditions...

 I wish I was someone going somewhere doing something. I'm living vicariously through Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky and she hasn't even left on her cross country adventure yet. I'm losing even more steam to register for classes (super gr8 that I haven't done that yet, RIGHT?!), and thinking, I just want to LEAVE. And DO SOMETHING. I'm single, I technically have no obligations, I've got time--what is stopping me? I don't know. Yes, I do know--the dollars. Oh and this other thing called real life. Psh, what a downer.

All I know is something's gotta happen. I hate living for my paycheck and the weekends.



My brother got married to a foxy lady. These were fun, because she's pretty much a knockout IF YA KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING. Here's just a few shots.

See more on my flickr...


let's be serious here

I haven't had a post of substance since I started working/reality set in. I'll try to get back to that. Try, but no guarantees. I might still be laughing at pictures of my pooch (the dog).

Isn't real life such a drag?



My brother's getting married tomorrow. And I'm sitting here playing video games with him, just like we ought to be.

I love him. I love Courtney. I love them.

And I wish Lindsey was here.


Aly Johnson

Benefits of facebook stalking 101...

I wouldn't have seen these pictures if it weren't for facebook stalking, people. This girl rocks. The colors, the textures, EVERYTHING. I love all of these. Everything. I love. It.

THIS PICTURE. This picture above is incredible. And the next three are drawings. I mean--LOOK AT THIS FIRST ONE! AND jelly fish?!

I love facebook.


one year older & wiser

Three cheers to growing up! Next step, planning your will & funeral flower arrangements! WOOT WOOT!
But in all seriousness--aren't we glad we're not freshmen anymore? I KNOW I AM.

Best picture of me and Paige at graduation. OH WAIT--ITZ TEH OWNLEE PIC! PFFFFF.



I don't know a whole lot about literature & writing, but I do know I like to read. And though I haven't read a whole lot, I thought I'd share a few recent reads that I've enjoyed.