Lisa Perrin Art

Precise, intricate, eerie--all things that describe Lisa Perrin's seemingly traditional portraits. Her anecdotal style paired with a modern flair keeps one looking for more of her clever details in her sinister series. Enjoy.

Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen, Queen of hearts
Notice the embroidered heart & iguana. IGUANA BOY!

Augusta -- shiny version

The Triumph of Reason
"The Triumph of Reason"

Bernice, the Bearded Woman
"Bernice, the Bearded Woman."

And last, but not least, "ZOMBIE ANTIONETTE." HEYOO!
More at her blog.


My Attempt at Being Human

I have irrational fears. Like volcanoes, outer space, dinosaurs, and flagpoles.
I'm not always a good friend. I'm better at being an acquaintance.
I have conversations with people where I say what I really want to say to them. They're all in my head.
I judge narrow-minded people.
I have commitment issues.
I'm addicted to my computer.
I hate pessimism.
I feel guilty about not knowing enough about cameras or camera equipment.
I constantly think about my outer appearance.
I never know what hugs feel like because I'm so concerned with not being an awkward hugger.
I love Jazz. I know next to nothing about it. I still like Jazz.
I'm scared I'm going to be a bad mom.
I fear my red hair is my only source of individuality.I don't try at school.
I don't have patience. At all.
I can't teach.
I'm scared of not being smart.

I stay up too late.
And sleep in too much.

To me, there's something so beautiful and raw about black and white portraits that are untouched.

The real deal. A gradient layer and that's it.
Inspired by the one and only, Chuck Close.
By the by, that's a PAINTING. Wrap your mind around that.


Radical Redheads

Stefani is my radical cousin. She's graduating this year. Here are her pictures.

I genuinely loved taking these pictures. Stef was really relaxed which was so NICE because if the person that I take photos of is nervous at all, I get INSANELY nervous which just makes everything that much more difficult.

The sun, the weather, the locations--everything felt perfect, and I think the shots came out better than we both expected. Thanks for letting me take your pictures, and
Congratulations Stef!

P.S. Featured here & here on RED HEAD WATCH. Holla!!



"Tenderly" by Rosemary Clooney.

Until we meet again, Grandpa. 



I can't stop laughing at this.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
And yes, I did tag this post with "my family." DOGS ARE PEOPLE TOO YA KNOW.


To An Accomplished Man

Frank Schaub
By my dad, Circa 1982. 



Good Ol' Propaganda

First off, I want to clear up something about my "Going Pro" post on the 11th with the paragraph regarding my feelings about modern photography and its accessibility.

I truly believe that one of the greatest things about art is how accessible it is. With so many forms and ways to create art, I feel it is one of the most widespread and unifying feelings among humans to share these forms of self-expression whether you are creating it or simply appreciating it. My "complaints," so-to-speak, were very much on a personal level, but I do not doubt other artists or any other creators have felt the loss of individuality & originality in their market. With this feeling, I am struggling to find my niche in this broad world of artistry. Although I am still very young, I feel some obscure  pressure that's telling me that I should have this all figured out by now & that what I am producing should be exactly me at its best state. This is impossible. How am I supposed to know what becomes of my artistry? How can I create the best now when there's a the possibility that something might be better later? I have a problem with my own progression. I could continue on that crap forever, but I feel as if my comments were slightly misinterpreted. When I see so many people doing the things that I want & wish I could be doing, I am jealous of their security in themselves even if what they're producing is crap--at least they're brave enough to do it and believe in their own selves enough to continue to work to become the best artist they can be. I want to be the best I can be, but I'm scared of all the crap in between.

ALL IN ALL, I do NOT mean to criticize the everyday person who creates for their own joy & love--that is truly one of the BEST things about art. If you love it, then who gives a damn what anybody else thinks about it.

Propaganda--what's it to ya?
Propaganda is "a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position. As opposed to impartially providing information, propaganda in its most basic sense, presents information primarily to influence an audience." Thanks wiki, you're the best.
Here's some classic examples that you've seen before.
world war one - Uncle Sam
Also trying something new--because I don't want to blockade my whole page with these images, click below to expand the post.


Happy 100!

100 posts. Really? Really. I didn't think I would actually commit to this blogging thing enough to make it to 100 posts. I think I'm finally starting to get a feel for what I want this blog to be...but we'll see. We'll play it by cyber-ear.

Happy 100th Edwin Land!
Photo and cake by Jamie Larson.

Woohoo! This is the closest cake that I could find to celebrate this bloggity blog. It's close, but far enough away that I should MAKE MY OWN CAKE TO CELEBRATE, RIGHT?!


Going Pro.

Today's a pretty big deal. My brother's getting married in a month. I went to my orientation for the U. I finally found a bridesmaid's dress. But most of all, I've been "pro" for 4 months now.

I love Flickr. It's a beautiful place and a great way for me to get my photos out there without having to pay for a website or domain, but there are certain limitations to it. There is a 200 picture limit, and past that point, the site will delete your oldest photos every time you upload new photos. At that point, they encourage you to purchase a pro account. Blah. I'm not paying for a website. No. No way. Dumb. Stupid. Waste of my money. But truth be told, it was a really good decision and was a lot more valuable to my own growth and development than one might think. 

I'm really self-conscious about my doing this photography thing. I don't like saying I like taking photos, because about every single person I meet says they like doing this. And I don't mean to degrade or diminish these other people's love for it--if you love doing it, who cares what anyone else thinks let alone some nobody who won't even admit that they like taking photos, but I'm still struggling with the concept of me grasping a fraction of individuality while competing among so many other people including myself given how accessible digital cameras, editing softwares are & how easy it is to get your work out there with the internet. Sometimes I feel like I'm at the point where there's no artistic credibility and imagination going into current photography because of how many ideas are constantly circulating and being repeated. I don't claim to be any sort of innovator, but photography seems to be developing into a life skill versus a form of expression.

I think about these things every day, every time I take a picture, every time I decide to let some of my work be posted on the internet, whether it is seen or not. It frustrates myself because I truly am the one getting in the way of my own progress. I do this with everything. It drives me nuts. And it's not the criticism from others, it's the criticism of my future self. I am constantly looking through my old photos and first uploads in my photo stream and I can't think of how much I've grown, I think about how bad that photo is--plain and simple.

But I decided that if I really want to start taking this photography thing seriously, I need to start taking myself seriously. Deciding to become a "pro" user on Flickr is a small step, but it's a huge deal for me.

In the last four months, I have more than doubled the 200 uploads limit. I started with 2,000 photostream views in January, and I'm now sitting at 5,711 views, and my view count since I started my account is now at 22,903. These numbers are still small in comparison to other photographers or websites, but this leap of publicity is proof for myself that this is worth it. That this simple form of expression is challenging myself to become a better creator, and telling me that progression is possible, that creativity is still important, & that self-expression is necessary, for me at least.

And if anything, typing these words and letting someone else read them will somehow solidify my insecurities. Because I said this, I must live it.

photocabine goodness

This post is not me fishing for compliments; this post is freeing myself of inhibition and a self-imposed form of shame. This is me standing up to myself.

Thank you, Sarah Rhodes. 

Photo created with La PhotoCabine, because I couldn't post this post without a crappy webcam photo.



Oh, what a life to be a blonde bombshell. It's pretty apparent what genes I inherited, eh?
Ma & Pa

Me and the Mrs.

I wished her happy mother's day last Sunday. THAT'S how good of a daughter I am. 

But for realz,
Happy Mum's Day, hottie. 



This is what I'm doing instead of studying/packing.
My attitude has turned into complete carelessness which is really, really scaring me. I'm only a freshman and I already don't care. Oops.
And since I will be leaving my humble trash hole forever, I thought I'd give you a glimpse of the rip off that I live in. And when I say glimpse, I really mean glimpse. These are just nooks and crannies so I can show of my cool stuff. I want to do a spread of sorts like SPIN's take on celebs and their shiz. But laziness prevails at the present moment.
So here goes.

My mom thinks the skull is creepy. It is. But my sister bought it for me in Ecuador. Foreign stuff instantly makes you cooler, no matter what it is. Vinyls adds 10 indie points to your cool score.

Snail mail rocks.

I like books. A lot. I love everything about them. I don't read as often as I wish I could and I'm definitely no expert on literary things by any means, but there's nothing better than a shelf of books. Preferably books that you've read. Here we have a small selection that includes two journals, a life planning book, "Sweeney Todd" or the "String of Pearls" (of which I had NO IDEA it was a book), and "Life of Pi, topped with a background of photo booth strips. I also love photo booths, but come on--WHO DOESN'T?

Please excuse the poor quality of this photo because it definitely doesn't do the portrait justice. This is one of my favorite pictures of my dad. It shows his personality perfectly. To the right sits Buddah. He's been with me since my first car when I was 16. He's a special soul.

This lovely cactus, Kanye (East), was a house warming gift from Heidi Lynne Holt. I love her.

This is my Fender Stratocaster. I mean my brother's. Damn it.

My extremely minuscule movie collection. I'm working on it, bubs.


And last, but not least, a really crappy handmade journal and the Holy Word. DAS RITE.

Until next time, I'll still be trying to figure out other ways to procrastinate all things finals.


here goes nothing

All I know is I've never been stressed for a test before. Until now.
Wish me luck.

In other news....
One of my goals has been accomplished!
Check out Slug Magazine's latest issue with a feature article on Libbie Linton. Recognize the photo?

THAT'S RIGHT!  Yours truly is finally legit.
Can't wait to get my hands on a tangible copy.


Publications: Carnie Brancowitz

Carnie Brancowitz is frequently featured magazine publications and rightly so.  The colors make me think I just looked into a sketchbook of a perfectionist who only has ball point pens available. Perfect dimensions, insane detail work, & contour line faces are = super boss illustrations.

For more, click here.