sunset serenade


Beck -- The Golden Age
The Ernie Freeman Trio -- Rockhouse
Jonathan Boutlet -- A Community Service Announcement
The Coasters -- Searchin'
Bonobo -- Sleepy Seven
Eydie Gorme -- Frenesi
The Frames -- Seven Day Mile
Yeasayer -- Ambling Amp
Kanye West -- Spaceship
Jeff Tweedy -- Radio King
Gnarls Barkley -- Transformer (Live)
B.o.B. -- Put Me On
Dave Matthews Band -- Shake Me Like a Monkey
Incubus -- Dig
Iron & Wine -- Love Vigilantes

And here's a drink to nostalgia...




I really love USU. I'm quite bummed to be leaving it, but I know the U is going to be a great new adventure for me. And let's face it; Salt Lake is at least a hundred times better than Logan.

I love the campus here. I'm trying to see and explore every building, which is a completely rational goal, but I can't seem to get any time to do that. Weekends are the best. NO ONE is on campus, thus, I get to take fun pictures. HOLLA! Hopefully I get to see every building...favorite buildings thus far: Performance Hall (that's a given), Old Main, the observatory, & the library. 

Hopefully some new shots will be added to this collection in these last two weeks. AHHH.

See more here.


Ofer Wolberger: Life With Maggie

Ofer Wolberger's "Life With Maggie" project provides a contrasting backdrop of individualism and personal routine that's paired with a subject that's inscrutable and impassive, yet through the series, we grow to know her. Or at least think we know her.

Wolberger says this about the series: "Resembling a photographic travel diary or a personal photo album, Life with Maggie is the unique record of a character lost in time and place." 

 For more in the series, click here.  


Gross Portraits 101

Some are really cute. Others are just gross. All 'n' all, fun friend activity.

and Marissa's album cover--"With Love, Marty"

Featuring her interpretations of the smash hits "All I Wanted" by Michelle Branch &
"Tic Tok" By Ke$ha.

 More shots in the set on my flickr!


sundee stuffs

So I'm copying A Beautiful Mess and Bleubird Vintage and showing off the good stuff from the interweb. Hopefully this will become a weekly thing. Maybe. Eh, probably not. We'll see.

Lissy Elle, Fictionist (I can't remember who took the photo), Life, missed connections, rune guneriussen, I can't remember the source of the wife-y drawings, Jessica Peterson, and Mike Mitchell.


Weekly Good, Goodly Week.

The last week has been EXCEPTIONAL. Truly monumental. And I'm pretty positive the rest of the day is only going to get better. The weather is a easily the biggest contributing factor, but I also spent a good amount of bonding time with the crew. FUNZIES 4 REAL. Picnics, chalking the sidewalk on the quad, books sales, photo ops, dansing, more photo ops, a huge abundance of junk food at the bishop's house, earthquakes, sunsets, searching for books at the D.I., free food on the quad, bonding with new friends, you know, THE WORKS.
I cherish this kind of stuff. I'm going to remember it for a while.  Meaning 3-4 weeks.
Not too many good photos to document all of the experiences (I didn't exactly think about snapping a photo to commemorate the earthquake), but this will do.

This was almost not worth the time it took to patch the photog together. BUT NOT REALLY CUZ I GOTZ USU PRIDEEEE!
Best poster ever.
Legit dansing. Wee b doin teh splitz.
And two previews of stuff to come...

P.S. If you get tree sap in your hair, do whatever it takes to get it out of your hair asap.


i like you pt. 2

i like you

Here we go. I like you numero dos.

I still don't know your name. I think it's too late to ask. I'm pretty positive you're getting a completely obscure impression of me. I'm not really shy, but I think you think I am. You are good-looking. I don't really understand why you still talk to me because I can be so stand-off-ish in the mornings on the bus. But you still talk to me. Precious.

You're a completely different person than I used to know. I really don't think I can say that I know you anymore. I didn't think that could ever happen. I'm pretty sure we were better than that. Fix it.

I idolize just about everything you do/say. I'm glad you're not weird like others from your knack of the woods. I wish I could have a conversation that's really real with you.

I think about you all the time. HOW STUPID IS THAT?

I still haven't figured you out yet. I know I'm not going to anytime soon, but I'm baffled at how quick you are to judge. It pisses me off. How's that for hypocrisy?

Talk to me. Please. I need you. You're all I have.

I can't believe the semester is almost over. I have three weeks left. THREE. I left to go to New York with my best friends this day last year. And I really, really wish I was going back. Or doing something. Except then I'd miss out on one of these three weeks left at USU. But I'm only freaking out a little bit.

This post is purely for my own satisfaction. Yet I'm still posting it. CYBER SLAP.

And I've hitched on my Fridgewatcher pictures because they definitely do not deserve their own post. We have a lot of salad dressing.

Dumb. Only interesting for four seconds. That's okay. "What. Is our fridge photogenic?" says my roommate, Lucy.




It's almost here!!


Id, Ego, & the Superego.

A follow up to the previous session....

, originally uploaded by mynameisanna.
 I'm bugging myself today. But it's NBD. Just annoying.


really? really.

I'm doing everything to avoid studying for my history test right now. I'm not prepared for it and I'm getting into that terrible mindset where I know that forcing myself to study isn't going to do any good, because it usually doesn't even though it REALLY DOES, but I'm being a butthead today. I had/am still having a serious episode of ADD and all it's wonderful goodies that come with it today. I was trying to do some biology homework which usually take me like 20-30 minutes, but it took me 3 HOURS because I'd do a question and then think OH--THE SUN IS SHINING I WANT TO TAKE SOME PICTURES OF MY OIL PASTELS. And do a question and then decide to do some different homework. And then do a question and then draw a picture. And do a question and take more pictures of my oil pastels. And do a question and feel how funny it feels to let your face relax and shake your head really hard. And do a question and then put on lipgloss for 5 minutes. What a pathetic way to lead life...and I did it for 3 hours. HOURS.

And now I'm trying to study for this damndable test tomorrow and I decided to edit this photo. Which is one of those things where I have to do the WHOLE THING and I can't just LEAVE IT and do something that is IMPORTANT. That would be way too rational.

So here are my stupid photos.

, originally uploaded by mynameisanna.


Siriusly? Srsly.

And my hair sucks right now. You don't need to tell me--I ALREADY KNOW.