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The Ginger Twins meet their newest allies.....The CHOCO CHICKS!!!!!!


Wait until they fully join forces.....it'll be AWESOME.

Here's one of Lindsey's latest experiences out in the field.....BASED ON A TRUE STORY.  Click to view larger.
This was done purely out of boredom. And hoping that she would remember and love me for one second--JK LOLZ.

And the Holi Color Festival. This experience ultimately boils down to AWESOMENESS. Real fun. If you didn't go, which I highly doubt because anyone who's ANYONE did, you should go next year. It was really awesome and definite life-enriching experience. Perfect weather, great people and a genuinely happy atmosphere. The people were happy to be there, happy to be involved, happy to be participating...you could really feel the energy.
Down sides: this chalk reeks. REEKS. It's offensive. If you were an unfortunate thinker who forgot to shake out your hair before you got in the shower--I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU. It reeks. When this stuff gets wet, it is one of the most heinous and rancid smells one could smell. Also, when we created the big gigantic chalk cloud, I felt like I was going to die. Seriously. I gagged a couple times because I was inhaling so much and the air was thick pink and dark so I could barely see anything. It's kind of a scary feeling when you can't feel the sunlight anymore even though you're standing outside in the middle of the day. BUT THESE CONS DON'T OUTWEIGH THE PROS. Go next year. Doo eet.

This architecture......wow. That's all I can say.



I miss Lindsey.


The Wall

Pink hair is great. Especially when it's paired with radical clothes like this. I felt like David Bowie. Like this, but with less hairspray and eye make-up. All and all, I've never felt more bad ass in my life and that feeling is hard to come by when you're short and stocky AND a pale-skinned ginger.

The Wall, originally uploaded by mynameisanna.
Ya gotta see it large.

Let's not kid ourselves. The last one is pretty BAMF. 

And HUZZAH for diptychs!

Here's one of my most recent WIWT's. Groovy, right? Right.



goodz from the flickr world

If you are so interested, I started up a tumblr account. I initially posted my own work on it, but I decided to gear it towards an inspiration blog...check it out! I'm particularly pleased right now with what's on the main page now.....so, if ya wanna know what I'm digging at the present moment, lookie! HOLLA.


So You Wanna Dye Your Hair Pink.

First thing you do: dye your hair.
Second thing you do: take a billion pictures to celebrate.

Best reactions thus far.....
"Anna! Look at you! You're on FIRE! I love it!" --Brother Woodbury, my institute teacher.
"What have you done to your hair?!?!?!" -- My grandma and my brother.
"You are my hero." --Meisha, my roommate.
"Well.....that's exciting." --My friend, Beth.

I saw these two pictures right after the incident....PROOF that I'm a trendsetter. 
Via Wood Wood in Copenhagen and floating around Tumblr. Specifically mine.

P.S. I had one of my photos featured on Artpixie's tumblr here.....she gets a lot of hits on her page so it's supa cool 'n' shiz.


stuff that happened

Went to the SLC library.
Dyed my hair. 
Hung out with this hottie.

Decided my future.
Congratulated my brother.

Spent time in nature.

You know, the usual. 


for a lack of better words

I have no idea what I'm thinking/feeling/believing/faking right now.
Sorry for the stream of emo posts lately.  I don't have a good enough explanation to excuse them right now. And this is just enough off center to make me wanna throw up all over this dumb photo. But I'll just be lazy and let it be. I'LL CROP IT LATA.


I Don't Wanna Grow Up

I Don't Wanna Grow Up, originally uploaded by mynameisanna.

Laugh with me. Please.

I'm wearing cupcake pajamas by the by. They're my mom's.


and two more...just for good measure.
My mom thinks this one is creepy. It's not meant to be creepy. It's meant to seem like I got into mommy's makeup. It was my mom's idea. But she still thinks it's creepy. Mom. Creepy. Not.


Kat & Jeff

After quite the struggle to figure out what and how to print this little do-hickey, I think I finally came up with something that I liked....And I don't think I've ever been so nervous to sign my own name. Ever.