Eventually I'll get around to doing my own little stop-motion short, but in the mean time, I'll just watch them.


WESTERN SPAGHETTI (The sound design in this is crazy cool...check out his whole channel...tons 'o' goodness entails)

SOFTLIGHTES (Shows off the skillz....a basic concept, coupled with insane talent.)

SONY BRAVIA (A whole slew of amazing commercials came out for this product...like the paint and bouncy-ball commercials. Look 'em up!)

RADIOHEAD Great song, great video.

OREN LAVIE/HER MORNING ELEGANCE I've linked this before, but it's a fantastic representation of the art of stop-motion.

COLDPLAY My favorite track from the Viva La Vida album, with one of my all time favorite music videos.

LOST THINGS Beautiful Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy is in this short.

DEADLINE This is a student's senior project from Savannah College of Art and Design.

And here's my awesome comic of me and my roommate. CHI-YAHHH!


I copied you.

......because Brad is just so darn cute.

And you better comment on this, BRAD. 



An outdated project, but thought I'd might as well post it. 

I've never been a fan of "I Am" phrases because they seem to be such a trite form of attempted individualism. Like, I am real. I am young. I am free. I am here. I am there. I am everywhere."
Dumb. I don't like it. And it's all about me--this is my blog, you know.
Nevertheless, I did this photo mostly to test out some lightings and crap and I didn't know what else to write, so, this is what resulted. Cute, ain't it?
Not really. Not even a cool set of photos or individual photos?
In case you can't read it, it says, "It's January Sixth--2009--I am--Anna"

So on January Sixth, 2010, I DID IT AGAIN.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
     And made fun of myself in the process. 

Stuff I've been looking at these days:
COMIC COVERS--I love comic art. Of course. Doesn't every hipster art dingle have a crush on Roy Boy? BUT FOR REALZIES.  I mean, LOOK AT THIS STUFF! Comic artists are insanely talented. I wish I could draw real comics, not just crappy Sarah Palin mockeries.
 Click the images to enlarge.
Also thought this one was interesting....
These "Girls' Love" are hilarious to me. I would love to get my hands on a copy of one of these so I could find out the end of these stories...I'm on the edge of my couch!!!
Totally glad that someone finally realizes how I'm feeling.
This last one on the right might be my favorite......doesn't get better than that.

All comic images via Cover Browser. Check it out--that place rocks.



Sleep, originally uploaded by mynameisanna.

Inspired by this.
I have a stupid cold. You know those annoying ones where you still have to go to class and sniffle the whole damn time and wipe your snotty nose every five minutes and reuse your gross tissues and bug everyone sitting around you because you're shuffling every 30 seconds and snorting up the boogies every ten. It WHOMPS.

Last time I got one, I drank a gallon of orange juice in a day and took copious amounts of vitamin C and it went away within a day or two. I'm hoping for the same results this time around.

Here's a doodle. I like it. The scrabble pieces are inspired by this girl's tattoo (of which I keep drawing one on my arm to make myself seem even more like a poser).

I love this series of photos.
"All I Own" by Sannah Kvist.
Sannah is a Swedish photographer that takes pictures of people with their crap--I mean their belongings.

I'm a big fan of crap like this and my own crap piles laying around. SPIN does a similar spread where an artist sits in their room of crap and talks about EACH PIECE of crap. I LOVE IT.

And since I can't seem to come up with any ideas of my own, I'll probably be mimicking it with my stash 'o' crap....OH GOODY.



, originally uploaded by mynameisanna.
Yesterday, I biffed it.
I'M TALKING my body 5 feet above and parallel to the ground for a split second followed with scratched hands, bruised backside, and snow in my hair and down my pants.
The best part was that nobody saw me. Except for this one kid 100 yards away. He stopped and thought about helping me, but he was 100 yards away.....so.....just walk back to your apartment acting like you didn't see it???

So I just walked back to my apartment and acted like it didn't happen.

And decided to take some pictures that made me feel less like an idiot.....maybe even COOL.

and then I thought about dying my hair blue.

View it LARGE.



2.17.10, originally uploaded by mynameisanna.
Thought I'd post my most recent "What I Wore Today" sketch.
A lot of inspirations for it, but still was my most sporadic and unplanned sketch, as you can tell from the feet not connected to the body...ha. But it's one of my favorite WIWTs I've done so far.

Listening to:
Bloodline--Matt Morris.
Still feeling blues-y.



, originally uploaded by mynameisanna.

I'm still trying to figure out a routine or some sort of system to figure out why in the world I post what I do and to make sense of why I posted said postee crap. Yada, yada, yada.

So before I say anything, I must shamelessly promote myself. I am featured in the Utah Valley Magazine Blog this week for "Photo(s) of the Week." This is a big deal for me. This is a magazine. Well, a BLOG of a magazine, but A MAGAZINE NONETHELESS. And I'm telling you, Velour is a magical place. Just look at it. MAGIC, I TELL YOU.
I mean, come on--I'm in a MAGAZINE now.

Here's another awesome flickr group that I decided to contribute to.
so...here's what in my bag--SINCE YOU ALL WANT TO KNOW.

Check out my flickr page to see detail on the actual, tangible crap that occupies my little bag.

Now...this is the fun one for me.
First off, let me tell you about a neat little photo trick...It's called a photogram. It's when you place objects of some sort on a photo-sensitive material and then expose it to light. It creates an inverted image of the objects with varying transparencies....NEAT-O.
Like this...

from here.

So here's my reverse photogram...okay, okay...it's just a SCAN. But you get the point.

And one more picture of my wall.

I'm done now.



, originally uploaded by mynameisanna.
I'm in a funk. Again. But here's the trick...it's the same funk that's been consistently happening for the past UMPTEEN months. Sly doggy! You never left in the first place!!!!

Required listening:
All By Myself -- Eric Carmen

Poor me.

This is a nice little follow up to the last post.....RIGHT--AM I RIGHT?


Happy Valentine's Day

, originally uploaded by mynameisanna.
I'm not bitter or anything.

......awkward, pity laughing....

wait, wait. she's kidding, right?


welcome, wacom

A whole post dedicated to an inanimate object? Check.

Here's to the greatest Christmas present (aside from the car when I was 16 (JK LOLZ)) that is actually of great use to me versus that Babe, the pig, jewelry box that's gathering dust in my basement.

*****excuse the poor photos...I just wanted to get some shots of me with it so people don't believe I stole it and don't actually own the thing and I'm just pretending to be artsy and more technologically advanced than you. I really own it. I SWEAR.*****

For those of you who don't know what this gift from God is, I'll fill you in.
It's a drawing pad for your computer. Complete with pen.
This, my friends, is a tablet.

And it is my personal revolution. I'm just starting to get the hang of how to work it and I know that once I really get in the nitty gritty and work with it for an obscene amount of time, the possibilities will be endless.
If you're interested in anything having to do with illustration, graphic design, photography, THE WORKS....I HIGHLY suggest you pick one up. They can be pretty expensive, but I looked up the one that I have on amazon and it was listed for around 80 bucks. It is well worth the dollars.
This is the only problem....

I'm definitely not serious about anything that I'm doing here. And I'm hugely intimidated by that statement. DO I RELLY HALF 2 B SEERIOUS BOUT DIS?

I wish I could paint. Glennray Tutor is a nutcase. If I could paint a 40th as good as he does, I'd be happy. It truly is photorealism at it's finest. With great subject matter.

I need to post some more art crap that I like that I find. I feel selfish keeping it to myself.



I've wanted to do this photo for ages, now. Why? IDK U FIGUR IT OUT.
LARGE is BAMF. And full of saliva.


why not?

Here's a poster for bobo that I thought turned out pretty nifty.
And I just have to post this one that he made. It's insanely cool.
View it large....it's awesome.
So, I might as well give the kid a plug (because I'm getting copious amounts of hits a day, ya know)....
If you're around the area (SLC to Ogden), and you're interested, email me at anna.james@comcast.net for more info.



, originally uploaded by mynameisanna.
I have the creative motivation of a toothpick right now. You could build something cool with a toothpick, but I can’t seem to think of how to go about that (I know, marshmallows). And I just don’t wanna.

But I do think this is really cool.

I did a double take. Did you?


who what why where when

I don't know what this blog is. I don't like saying I have a blog, or when talking to a friend saying, "WAIT, DID YOU READ MY BLOG?! BECAUSE THEN I WON'T HAVE TO RE-TELL YOU THIS POINTLESS STORY!" But alas, I still am drawn to the blogging world.
Maybe it's because I trying to say something to someone but I can't figure out who in the world that someone is so if I project it somewhere near that someone (come on, that someone's gotta have a facebook, RIGHT?), maybe they'll end up hearing what I'm wanting them to hear. Or, maybe, I secretly want my dad to find this blog so he doesn't feel bad about not knowing enough about me. Or maybe I am just madly in love with Internet and I want to share cool stuff with my friends that I don't even know if they really read or not (MANIFEST YOURSELF NOW!) in order to make myself seem cooler. Or maybe it's just that I'm biting my time with b.s. posts until this blog gets enough hits that I can advertise on this b.s. blog and sit in my bed and continue to post b.s. about my life, but GET PAID. I think the last one's a sure-fire winner.

Eventually I'll figure out what I'm doing here.
BUT FOR NOW.......
Boy, do I love Fictionist. I had the pleasure of attending their 2nd album release show for Lasting Echo. It was pure ecstasy. It was show numero quatro for me, and I’m not going to stop going anytime soon.

(Brad. I think I was going for this in the top one? PINK PIXELS?!)

It's always nice to see guys give up a seat on the bus for a girl. It tugs at me heartstrings. Every time.

It’s funny how things become more important when you eliminate the useless adjectives and. Punctuate. After. Every. Word. Engaged. Dean's. List. Throwing. Up. Everywhere.

I've come to the realization that no matter what you do, crap will get said about you. And when you're in a group of people who harbor that kind of stuff, even if you LIKE/LIKED that person, you'll STILL say crap about that person. Sad.

My ears still hurt from my headphones electrocuting me. But just a little.

Okay get on with it.....

I've been trying my best to not inject my politio-poisoned opinions on this, here blog. Mostly because I know that my friends who read this disagree with most things I say (and I'd rather hug it out instead of have a banter over cyber-space), but I read an article for my poly sci class tonight that I think you, whoever you are, should read. It's a short read....just read it.