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I figured out how to animate.
I'm worried about this. I'm going to spend a HUGE amount of time messing with this now. And I'm already bugged with this flashing and crap as my top post.

And for those of you who are wondering why I decided to make my chest the plane of animation, it was inspired by this. DON'T HATE.


Variations on "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

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Yeah, I know as well as you, my non-existent cyber-friends, that's it's not rational for one to go outside in this weather (or breath Logan's tasty air), but it was like SO-OOO pretty!
And I couldn't pass up a photo spot. So I took some shots after class. For about ten seconds. Then ski-daddled on home for fear of "freezing my ASS off!" like my political science teacher says at least three times every lecture.


I will cry during every episode of Baby Story. And mac and cheese hits the spot sometimes.


what i wore today

1.12.10, originally uploaded by mynameisanna.
One of the coolest blog/flickr groups ever. There's some ridiculously awesome stuff on there and I only feel a little bit sheepish when contributing...considering I've contributed a whopping two times.

*****I don't wear that cool of clothes or that unique of clothes, but I want to be able to draw myself and I just got a tablet and yada yada yada.

Just sayin'.


paj mahal

cross processing 101.
a la zooey deschanel.

LARGE. Look at her impeccable skin. hottie.